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What Is The Average 3 Mile Run Time – Find Out Here?

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What Is The Average 3 Mile Run Time

What Is The Average 3 Mile Time – Find out here?

So you want to know the time it will take you to run a distance of 3 miles? Welcome. 3 miles is equivalent to 4.8 kilometers and in nutshell, 34:41 minutes mark is the general average time recorded that people take to cover a distance of 3 miles.

In the US in 2010, the average recorded time in the 3 miles race was about 11:47 minutes per mile. That is 7:19 minute per kilometer. The research was conducted to over 10000 people who took part in different races.

The distance of 3 miles is short of 0.1 mile to be the equivalent of 3.1 miles marathon popularly known as the 5K marathon.

Now, if you want to determine personally how long it will take you to finish 3 miles run, 34:41 minutes is too general to estimate with.

Your own time goal is the ideal time for you. You should note that the above 34:41 mark above has been calculated taking in to account time for all caliber of people; high and low speeds combined and even those crawling. I believe you don’t want to crawl on a race but you want to compete and get realistic time.

Some average runners have posted a time of 21 to 22 minutes running 3.1 miles run in 5K marathon. If you are new into running you can run 3 miles in 28 minutes. But you must first know that there is no ideal time to run any distance. Don’t consider so much the time other people take to run 3 miles unless you want to be a professional athlete. Most people enter it as a fun run.

Factors Determining 3K Time

Most people will finish a 3 miles distance run, but how many will keep on running the whole distance? Most new runners will not hold much in running. They end up walking part of the distance. To be realistic we have to consider that there are factors that affect the time taken when you run. These are;

The older you are the more time it will take you to run 3 miles distance.

Men are more muscular and are built differently than women. Men will run faster than women.

Level of fitness

The level of your fitness will be a factor of time when running 3 miles. If you have been training you will definitely be in a better shape to run faster and use less time.

Not your height but the altitude of the place you have been training in. High altitude is harder to run at than low altitudes. An athlete who has been training in high altitudes will run with ease in low altitudes.

Level of endurance
If you have been doing other fitness exercises like swimming, cycling or circuit training you are built for endurance which helps in running. Doing fartlek training helps a lot also.

How long you have been running is also a factor determining your time.
Other factors that can affect running a 3 mile are genetics, diet, etc.

Group Run versus individual Run.

There are good values and advantages when running in a group. A group will challenge, motivate, energize and stimulate you, to run faster. There is that power that surges forth as people work together and running is no exception.

Indoor versus Outdoor

It has been recorded that there is a difference in running indoor and outdoor in performance.

How Do You Determine The Pace?

What is the right pace for 3 miles run compared to other distances? If you want to determine the pace for your 3-mile run you can use this calculator. It will give you the pace to keep in order to finish the race at your desired time.
When running a long-distance marathon of say 42 KM (26.25 miles) the pace normally on the most of the distance is slower than the pace of a shorter distance like running a mile. This is because of the longer distance, the more the energy is needed to complete the distance.
Short distance runners running their high speeds will be burned out quickly. You cannot run a 3-mile distance the way a 100 or 200-meter athlete will do in that distance.

Treadmill Training

Training on a treadmill has its own advantages besides benefits like convenience since you can do running when weather conditions are not favorable outdoors, other benefits include;

  • Cold runs can make you develop aches and pain on your muscles due to tensing of the muscles but indoor training will avoid that.
  • The treadmill will allow you to use all of your energy to do the training unlike running outside when it is cold and the body is using extra energy.
  • You can practice at any time of the day even when it is dark and night.
  • It is safer you don’t need to dodge the traffic or run on slippery roads for dangers of falling and getting injured.
  • Treadmill machine will help you get the right time you want to take in the 3-mile run.
  • It will tell you if you are in the right shape to run the 3 miles distance. It will also show you the right pace and tempo once you set the machine.

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