Winter Running Tops

November 5, 2015

They’re tough those trail and mountain runners, so no need for reflectivity on this ninja-black

New Balance Apparel

September 7, 2015

With autumn and winter just around the corner we look at some of the latest apparel from New Balance

Iffley Road Apparel

May 28, 2015

RunningMonkey first reviewed the launch products from Iffley Road last summer, but with an expansion to the range

CEP Socks and Compression

May 20, 2015

CEP, the German brand of socks and compression apparel, certainly have some impressive names on their books with the likes of


April 10, 2015

Launched at the London Marathon Exhibition in 2013 Runderwear is the creation of Jamie Smalley and Richard Edmonds

Salomon Exo Calf

April 2, 2015

There are those who swear by compression and those who dismiss such things, the Salomon Exo Calf might be considered something of a bridge in opinion

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