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Best Waterproof Running Jackets – 2019 – 2020

What to look out for

Trying to find a good quality, durable and affordable waterproof running jacket for everyday use during exercising can be difficult. The market as it is is saturated with all types of waterproof running jackets, all claiming to be the best at what they do. So how do you arrive at the absolute truth? Below I will preview some of the top waterproof jackets on the market, according to their best attributes, quality, affordability and drawbacks. Finally, I will conclude with the best waterproof running jacket on the market.

The Gore Running Wear, Hooded Jacket

The gore running wear is a range that includes shorts and a jacket making it very convenient for the user who prefers to own a complete brand from head to toe.

Coming in lots of colors; from Black to brilliant Blue, to Red it caters to everyone’s taste, the colors are tasteful and make you look stylish while out running with friends over the weekend.

The jacket is very comfortable and is made of 100% Polyester on the inside while the outside contains the Gore-Tex membrane that makes the whole getup waterproof. The comfort is not restrictive and allows you to move easily without any strain caused by snagging fabric.

The Gore-Tex technology means that this jacket can be used during any season all year round, its waterproof quality means it can be used during rain and winter without losing heat. It can also be used when it is windy because it is extremely windproof but allows for easy breathing.

It also has elastic drawstrings that allow the user to easily adjust the hood according to the field of vision. An opening around the hood allows for added ventilation making it an absolutely brilliant jacket to have for exercising.

It has two zip pockets and an added zipped pocket that allows for you to easily carry any small thing you might want to have with you while running, like cash, an iPod or a watch.


  • Users have praise the excellent breath-ability that this jacket affords them, circulation is normal and running in it feels great.
  • When ordering via the chart size and you get the right size, the fit allows for easy movement without entangling the user in fabric, makes for easy running while keeping dry.
  • The jacket is actually certified waterproof and the water runs off the fabric due to the Gore-Tex technology. It is actually as efficient as advertised.
  • The drawstring works to the users benefit, it can be tightened around the face and adjusted according to your field of vision without the hood blocking off your view of the surrounding.


  • Normally, exercise jackets have vents under the arms to increase air flow and therefore ventilation, it’s a bit disappointing that this great jacket does not have this feature.

The Inov-8 Softshell Halfzip Running Jacket

This jacket is perfect for all types of running conditions; those days of staying in bed and missing your morning runs because of the weather conditions outside are over.

This jacket absolutely protects against extreme windy and wintry conditions and mostly the rainy days. You can go through your whole running routine in the rain without getting a drop of it in your clothes because of the three layer soft-shell.

The nylon stretch fabric makes it very flexible and thus your running and movements are not at all affected by your clothing. This same quality also makes it a very durable jacket to have, making it a worthwhile investment.

The soft-shell technology also maximizes on breath-ability by allowing for airflow around the back and underarms. The side zips also aid in the ventilation aspect.

It has thumb loops that keep the sleeves in place removing the snagging and increasing comfort for you. The pocket at the front also allows you to easily store any items that you might need while running.

It also has a hood that keeps your hair dry and can be adjusted according to your preference.

When running at night or very early in the morning, we all worry that drivers will not see us, this problem has been solved by having reflective details that make you stand out and keep you safe when running.


  • The jacket is a worthwhile investment because of its durability brought about by its Nylon stretch fabric.
  • Enhanced breath-ability due to its soft-shell technology that aids airflow around the back and underarms.
  • The reflective details ensure your safety and are a good added touch by the designers.
  • The four way stretch Nylon fabric allows you to run and move easily unlike most exercise clothing that usually restricts movement making it an uncomfortable undertaking.
  • The stretch cuffs with thumb loops that can be used to keep the sleeves in place are a nice added touch for the comfort of the user.


  • While very waterproof, it has a saturation limit that is never far from a heavy downpour. The jacket can get soaked through if you stay outside in a deluge for a long time.

Airtracks Pro Line II Thermal Cycling Jacket

This jacket is as warm and waterproof as stated, with a brushed fleece interior that retains your body heat and keeps you toasty.

It is made from a 30D composite polar fleece 280 gsm material technology, back and side panels made of polyester that enhances its waterproof qualities and ensures you are not soaked by the time you are done running in rainy, windy or wintry conditions.

The ergonomically cut, soft-shell technology allows for the flexibility of the jacket and as such the movements of the user are also not restricted thus easier and comfortable running.

While primarily meant for use by men, it is actually unisex and women do not look out of place while donning it. It is also very well designed, and comes in attractive colors including yellow and black which fits in with people who want to look good while working out.

It has a three-part back pocket and a zip pocket on the back allowing you to carry with you a few necessary accessories with you when you are out running.

It also has large reflective details on the back and front that make you visible in the dark when you’re jogging at night or early morning, this helps with your overall safety.


  • The reflective details on the back and front make you visible in the dark and therefore help to keep you safe.
  • The design is such that the jacket is unisex and can be used by anybody as long as they fit.
  • Of course at times, a bit of cold might seep in, but the brushed fleece interior that retains your body heat negates the small inconvenience.
  • Comes in various colors from yellow to black, with its attractive design this makes it a stylish accessory to spice up your exercising life.
  • It is highly comfortable and flexible allowing for unrestricted movement while working out which is an underrated feature of working out gear that people look for but rarely find.


  • Can be a bit snug which might restrict easy movement and probably buying a size bigger would be more beneficial for the user.

Mountain Warehouse Adrenaline Men’s Jacket

This is an affordable, waterproof running jacket that provides value for money without compromising on quality.

It has waterproof tape around all the seams making the whole unit waterproof. This is a genius design idea, because some waterproof jackets while largely keeping out water, allow water droplets to seep in via the seams. The waterproof membrane also lets out moisture while denying entry of any water.

Another brilliant design coup are the underarm zips which can be unzipped to allow for added ventilation. It also has a mesh lining that allows for easy air circulation and flow around your torso for an added cooling effect.

The whole jacket is made of 100% Polyester which is a factor in why it is so comfortable and in addition, is also very conveniently machine washable.

The jacket is flexible both literally and figuratively. It has comfortable Polyester fabric that allows for easy, unrestricted movement of the user making exercise enjoyable and comfortable.

It is also flexible in that it can be used in running, cycling and literally most outdoor sports. This makes the price even more of a steal because it fulfills so many purposes.

It has two completely waterproof zipped pockets that allow for easy storage of your essentials like wallet and keys while running.

This jacket also has reflective fabric that is highly visible making it safe for you to run at night or during the very early mornings.

It has an extra scooped back which provides additional cover for activities such as cycling.

The hood and cuffs are easily adjustable depending on the user’s preference which only adds to its flexibility.


  • The waterproof zips are a nice addition so you can carry items that need to stay dry like money for that coffee run at the end of your run.
  • The underarm zips that allow for unzipping and extra ventilation are brilliant really.
  • The highly reflective details on the back ensure your visibility and additionally your safety.
  • Its isodry technology that allows for real waterproof qualities is very efficient in this aspect.


  • Holds up pretty well under intense exercising and light rain but heavy rain overwhelms it and this is where the price factor comes into play, you get what you pay for.

Qube Men’s Multi-functional Jacket

This is an affordable, windbreaker/jacket that is suitable for a variety of exercise options including indoor workouts like the gym or outdoor workouts like running, sailing, hiking and cycling.

This jacket’s best asset though is its flexibility, in that it can both be used as exercise gear and as casual wear for men for casual settings. How many waterproof jackets have that sort of multi-functional ability? Very few.

It has a mesh inserted into the structure which ensures its longevity, which makes the jacket a good investment both due to its flexibility of use but also its durability.

It has concealed cable routing that allows for easy body movement which is welcome when working out, this also adds an element of comfort to working out which can be a highly stressful activity with the wrong gear.

The multi-function pockets also allow the modern user to carry and easily use gadgets like iPods or phones while working out to make it an enjoyable activity.

For those unpredictable days where the weather moves from one extreme to the other, this is the perfect jacket to have since it is made of light material which is compact and easy to fold, does not occupy much space and can therefore be carried in your bag or briefcase without taking up too much space.


  • The light, compact nature of this jacket makes it very portable and convenient to carry around in unpredictable weather.
  • Multi-functional use makes this jacket a must have, men can finally have a jacket they can use to workout and wear casually around the place without looking weird.
  • It is very affordable and with its many added attributes, a steal.
  • The mesh structure makes it a very hardy and durable jacket, making it a very good investment for the long term.
  • The multi-function pockets that allow for storage of essential items and also carry gadgets effortlessly are definitely an advantage.


  • The lightweight fabric makes it prone to getting soaked if you are caught in a proper deluge, the quality versus price trade off shows here.
  • The light fabric is also prone to easy tearing if caught on something.

Mysenlan Men’s Windbreaker Jacket

This water and wind proof jacket is a casual, stylish option for working out and can be worn in casual settings too which shows its flexibility.

At its price, the extra features it has makes it an absolute steal if you do not want to spend too much on a waterproof and weather appropriate gear.

It has three layers; the outer one protects against water and wind and the inner one is made of brushed fleece which retains your body heat and keeps you warm.

It has a high cut double layer collar that seals you up nicely and adds to your warmth on those extremely cold days where you need your neck covered.

This jacket has three back pockets to keep and store your essential items like wallet, keys and phone while working out or in a casual setting. The zippers are waterproof to make sure that your items are kept dry too.

It has reflective stripes that make you highly visible and therefor keep you safe while you jog or run at night or very early morning.


  • The waterproof zippers to keep your essential items dry is a very good feature.
  • It is a very affordable jacket and still does not fall short of being useful with some brilliant features even unique to it.
  • The flexibility of this jacket, in that it can be used to work out on a rainy day and can also be worn casually is a surprisingly good feature.
  • It is a very stylish jacket and the fact that it can be worn in casual settings; a walk in the park, a coffee run and a lazy day out in the park make it a very multi-functional and necessary item to have in your closet.
  • The brushed fleece interior keeps you warm even in the coldest conditions.
  • The high cut double layer collar is a unique feature and really helps when the conditions require a complete covering of the neck.


  • After heavy rain, you get what you paid for in that it does not hold up very well to sustained rain over a long period of time.

Which is the best waterproof running jacket?

After taking everything into consideration; including the price versus the quality offered, durability, extra features, flexibility, how it performs in extreme conditions and functionality I have come to a conclusion.

The Gore, Men’s wear waterproof jacket is the best waterproof jacket taking all these factors into account.

It not only performs better in extreme condition, its features are extremely sensible and functional and it is very durable and therefore a worthwhile investment which carries it to the top of the pile.