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Best Running Socks – Reviews for Comfort in 2019 – 2020

Factors to consider in your search

Most first time runners underestimate just how important running socks are; after your first sustained period of running you get to understand why such a small and insignificant gear is so important to your comfort and success in running among other things.

I will therefore attempt to help you in your search by reviewing the best running sock on the market according to factors that will make your search even easier.

At the end of the post, I will state the best running socks on review and tell you exactly why.

Here goes:

Danish Endurance Low Cut Pro Ankle Running Socks

The coolest aspect of these socks first of all is that they are endorsed by a Danish Olympic athlete, Stina Troest who is going to compete for Denmark in the upcoming Olympics. She assures us of the quality, performance and endurance of the socks. You have to admit that endorsements don’t come much higher than that.

The materials used to make these socks allow for breath-ability, ventilation and have cooling lanes to expel the moisture from your feet and keeps them dry throughout your workout. No one wants sweaty feet so this feature of course makes it a must have for your workouts.

Another wonderful feature is the anti-blister function; blisters are painful and can make running a dreaded activity, these socks have anti-friction zones on the heel and toe areas that reduce the possibility of getting blisters during your workout.

They are low cut, pro ankle socks used and worn by professionals and they come in various colors which makes them stylish and attractive and can be worn by anyone even for casual use when shopping, walking in the park or going for shopping.

Made in Europe and OEKO-TEX standard 100 certified which simply means they are totally safe and do not contain harmful substances which is a very real problem with a lot of brands.

Of course customers have remarked on the remarkable customer care this company has, they do not stonewall you after buying products from them which is a factor that allows them to retain repeat customers.


  • The anti-blister function is an absolute godsend, so many running socks do not take this aspect into consideration and by the end of the workout you’re limping due to painful blisters.
  • The breath-ability, added ventilation and cooling lanes do keep your feet dry and fresh throughout your workout. There’s nothing worse than foul smelling feet due to incorrect socks during working out.
  • The reliable and always available customer care makes for a peaceful buy where all your concerns are immediately addressed and dealt with.


  • Users have remarked that after a few washes they tend to shrink which makes them tight if you bought an exact size and thus make running in them a bit uncomfortable.

Men’s More Mile London Running Socks

These socks are the real deal and explicitly designed first for comfort which is a huge factor when running or working out. Once your gear feels comfortable then your performance immediately improves.

These socks have ergonomically shaped construction for the right and left feet which makes them a better fit for the user and thus, easier running motion.

They have the Tactel Aquator technology that keeps your feet dry and free of moisture throughout your workout via added ventilation and unrestricted airflow. The mesh construction enhances the breath-ability keeping your feet fresh and comfortable.

User have been known to wear them casually on a day out in the park or shopping, they are very stylish and attractively designed and as such they do not look out of place. This flexibility male them a worthwhile buy because they can be used for more than just working out.

They have the padded toe points for protection against unnecessary blisters while running. Nothing bums out runners more than having to deal with painful blisters after a particularly long run or intense workout, luckily these socks take care of that easily.


  • The mesh structure that allows for breath-ability and allows for moisture to be expelled from the feet is great, nothing is worse than sweaty feet while working out as it directly affects your performance and output.
  • The ergonomic shape construction tailored for each foot is a good feature and actually makes sense when worn, like shoes suited for differently shaped sides of the feet.
  • The padded toe points are wonderful as they stop you from contracting painful blisters that either stop you from completing your workout or make it unbearable thereafter.
  • They are so comfortable that users have taken to wearing them outside of working out and they are great for just walking around in.


  • The socks visibly shrink during washes and become snug, if forced to fit they also tear quite easily. I guess this is the part where you get what you paid for.
  • The padded toe area can be a bit too thick and gather around the toes which might make running a bit uncomfortable.

CFA Ultralight Running Socks

Now these are certified sports sock and are suitable for a variety of activities including running, walking and working out due to how comfortable they are.

The CFA ultralight socks are stated to weigh just 12 grams and are therefore suitable for any outdoor sport including cycling, running, working out in the gym or marathons. In addition to the exercising options, they can also be worn casually with sneakers for everyday use.

The socks are strictly quality tested and run through quality control, thus there are no defects when you make a purchase.

The socks have an arch support that help to keep you stable when working out, avoiding them being slippery against your shoes.

The ventilation, sweat-wicking design and structure of the socks allow for easy airflow and therefore moisture is easily expelled keeping your feet dry and fresh throughout your workout.

They are readily machine washable and do not shrink post-wash like most socks on the market.

They have a satisfaction guarantee perk that ensures customers are well satisfied with their purchase or get their money back which is a pretty sweet deal everything considered.


  • Their flexibility in use is a huge perk, being able to just use them for walking around and some for working out with the same benefits is a huge delight.
  • The ventilation system that keeps the air flowing around your feet and ensures dry feet is a huge comfort, there are very few things as uncomfortable as sweaty feet when working out.
  • The socks are very affordable and offer decent running options for the price.
  • The arch support to ensure stability is a delightful feature.
  • Of course the peace of mind that comes with a satisfaction guarantee perk is unmatched and should convince you to get onto the bandwagon, what is there to lose anyway?


  • They don’t offer compression effect for the wearers, they are very thin and this feature is not at all apparent.
  • The material composition can be a bit uncomfortable when worn for a long time.
  • The collar can be a bit too tight while the main body too big, in short it does not fit too well and after a while it bunches up inside the shoe.

YUEDGE Men’s Crew Socks

Now these are the real outdoor socks, suitable for a wide variety of outdoor activities including; hiking, trekking, running, skiing, traveling, backpacking, jogging, working out and cycling.

These socks have exclusive moisture -wicking technology that allows for moisture to be removed and as a result keep your feet dry and fresh throughout your activity.

The fabric made up of mostly cotton, polyamide and spandex increases the breath-ability and flexibility of the socks enhancing the comfort of the wearer allowing them to move more easily.

The structure of the socks is held up by elastic rubber bands on the arch and welts which fits the socks over your feet as if they were tailor-made for them.

The ribbed arch has a Y-heel design which reduce wear and tear and make the socks very comfortable which is important for strenuous activity.

When engaged in strenuous, outdoor activity which requires a lot of movement, blisters are almost inevitable. The high density texture and elasticity in the socks protect against this eventuality.


  • The Y-heel design that reduces wear and tear makes the socks durable and therefore a worthwhile investment.
  • The high density texture that protects against blisters is a huge relief.
  • The moisture -wicking technology that expels moisture and enhances breath-ability is a handy feature to have for users engaged in strenuous activity.
  • The reason these socks are considered a must have for all high octane activities is the comfort provided by the snug fit from the elastic rubber band design and elasticity that enhances comfort.
  • The socks can be used during any season, they are warm in winter and keep cool in the summer.
  • The comfort provided by the full wrapping greatly reduces foot pressure making a long trek or run seem like you’re running on shock absorbers.
  • Over time some socks lose their firmness and just slide down your legs and gather around your ankles which makes running uncomfortable. These socks have proper compression that hold the socks in place around your calves and do not easily wear down.


  • The elasticity at the top of the socks can be a bit too tight and cause discomfort in some instances.

YUEDGE Athletic Socks

Now these are high performance outdoor workout socks, the sheer number of activities it is suitable for include; hiking, trekking, mountaineering , backpacking and traveling among several others.

It has soft sole cushioning that adds to your comfort by reducing fatigue and soreness from walking or running for long periods of time.

The socks also have arch support that keep them snug and fitting without sliding and gathering in your shoe which can cause massive discomfort and affect your performance.

The mesh-venting blend has moisture-wicking cotton that inhibits bacterial growth and keeps the feet fresh and dry avoiding nasty feet smells.

The socks have extra padding on the toes and heel that protects against blisters when engaged in strenuous activity and also makes them very durable and as a result very wise investments.

They are flexible in use and can be used for multiple outdoor activities or just everyday wear with all the added comfort.

Can also be easily used in winter as they retain heat while in summer they are well-ventilated and allow for maximum airflow that keeps them cool.


  • Flexibility in terms of usage in the variety of outdoor activities they can be used in and also convenient for everyday use. The added advantage of being winter and summer friendly without a drop in performance.
  • The anti-blister function aided by the extra padding on the heels and toes is of huge comfort for people involved in high intensity and long lasting activities.
  • The comfort that the socks provide by having the soft sole cushion function is unmatched and a very unique feature.


  • They are a bit thin and wear off very quickly under intense usage over a long period of time.
  • The upper part of the sock is very tight and can be uncomfortable against the calves after a while.

Puimentiua Athletic Socks

These are good quality, ankle length sports socks and are suitable for most kinds of physical activity including running, working out or just for casual wear while running errands or in a casual setting.

The cotton fabric helps moisture to escape and enhances the easy flow of air around the feet increasing breath-ability and inhibits the growth of bacteria which cause feet smells.

In order to reduce fatigue, these athletic socks have an arch which also aid in stability and support.

They also feature soft sole cushioning which absorb the vibrations from running or walking and deflect them. This in turn helps to reduce the occurrence of blisters which is a huge headache for runners.

The mesh venting structure also helps in keeping the feet fresh and dry; sweaty feet are a runner’s greatest problem, they cause slipping and discomfort and directly affect your performance.


  • The soft sole cushion feature that absorbs shock when running or walking is a delightful feature that prevents soreness and blistering.
  • The mesh venting and cotton fabric that help with ventilation help keep the feet moisture free and fresh and free of smells.
  • Increased support and stability enhanced by the support on the heels.
  • For light usage, these socks can be a steal as they are very affordable.
  • Flexible in variety of ways they can be used; both in outdoor activities and for casual wearing.


  • The socks have high wear and tear because of how light they are and it is to be expected given their price.

So which are the best running socks?

After the comprehensive breakdown of the socks on review, I have come up with a conclusion of the best running socks of the lot.

Taking into account factors like affordability, value for money, added features, comfort, durability and flexibility the best socks are the Danish Endurance low cut pro ankle running socks.

It was a slam dunk and very easy decision to make, these socks are comfortable, durable, flexible, great customer service and greatly enhance performance. They are worth every penny and you will find yourself buying more of them of your own volition.