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Best Knee Support for Running Reviews 2020

Best Knee Support

While jogging and running are considered healthy, promoting a well functioning cardiovascular system, it may lead to a couple of minor health issues that we may never have thought about, the toll it takes on our knees.


The best knee braces are a great way to prevent injuries and strain during intensive activity. Or, if you’ve already suffered a mild injury, they can help you prevent further damage and get you back in the game faster and stronger.


Below are our personal best when it comes to knee braces. The list combines both straps and sleeves outlining where each is mostly used and for what role they play in knee support.

Rymora Knee Support Brace

Recover in style


If you happen to have joint pain, tendonitis, arthritis, ligament injury( ACL, PCL) runners knee, flat feet or collapsed arches, this compression sleeve will help to reduce inflammation/ swelling and encourage blood circulation and hasten the healing process.


Well, apart from being a great healer, the Rymora knee support brace doesn’t compromise on comfort. It can stay put, freeing you from the hassle of adjusting it multiple times throughout the day, thanks to its non-slip grip band and concave design.


Having the brace on, you won’t have to worry about restricted movement as the brace gives you full motion range. So don’t stress about having to shorten your stride, it was designed to make you forget it was there in the first place.


The polyamide and spandex combination makes this brace comfortable but also breathable, so you’ll be able to wear the sleeve even when it is scorching hot outside.


For effective results, be sure to pick a size that fits you. Lucky for you, you can consult the chart on Amazon’s page under the product.


In conclusion, the Rymora brace will ensure speedy recovery without compromising your daily activities. Plus, it somewhat has a stylish look!


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Bodyprox Patellar Tendon Support

Patellar focus

The patella is the part of the knee bone which is also referred to as the kneecap. It is very important to keep this part of the knee safe by making sure it is stabilized. This is why getting the best patella stabilizing knee brace is very important for sporting activities like running.


This Patella Tendon Knee Strap is designed for knee pain & stiffness, arthritis, menisci and cartilage damage, patellar tendonitis and bursitis, torn ligaments and tendons, and even soft tissue and sport-related injuries.


Designed to give the utmost sense of comfort, all while providing pain relief and healing through targeted support and compression, the Bodyprox strap is made of premium flexible material that helps prevent damage and also reduces knee pain. Our Patella Tendon Knee Strap is for both athletes and non-athletes.


The Bodyprox is more of a strap than a sleeve like the Rymora and is more of a target-oriented brace. It is not as comfortable as the Rymora but is effective.


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Physix Gear Knee Support

Understand the Physix

Created out of a 4-way stretch Lyrca, this pocket-friendly knee support will ensure you receive enhanced support without added discomfort. Its lightweight design is sturdy and can be used for daily use, even for intense workouts.


This support sleeve has a great minimal design that is easy to slip on without making it a struggle. It functions fine when worn on bare skin and can also be worn over leggings depending on how you like it.


When it comes to performance, you are assured of durable service due to its solid construction and its high-quality fabric. Unlike some braces, Physix sleeves will not stretch or shrink over time so rest assured that you’ll be using them for quite some time. Another appealing fact is that they clean easily so don’t stress about the sweat.


One downside we noticed is that it doesn’t come with as many sizes as we had expected. Also, it is a bit stiffer compared to others on the list but doesn’t compromise on results. Other than that, you might want to wear them with shorts and show off its stylish design.


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Uflex Athletics

Tech Support

Designed with the best quality materials, this brace utilizes the latest technology to offer knee support and protection. Other than being just a sleeve, the Uflex compression sleeve helps to reduce inflammation, soreness, stiffness, and swelling of the knee, not to mention hastening recovery.


Unlike other compression sleeves, this one has a heating effect that works on the molecular level for muscular recovery. Its shape and concave design and elastic material ensures efficient blood flow through the knee without restricting movement or compromising your daily activity.


We all hate having to adjust the brace, especially for runners as it means you’ll have to change your pace or even stop running for a few seconds. The anti-slip silicone takes care of this and as long as you are wearing the correct size, you will not have to lay a finger on it until it’s time to take it off.


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All in all, knee braces are an accessory we wish that we do not have to wear but are unavoidable when the need arises. Knee injuries are setbacks but should not at all prevent us from going for that run or just keeping fit in general. We hope this article has shed some light on some of the good knee braces out there on the market.