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Best Collapsible Water Bottle Reviews 2020

Best Collapsible Water Bottles


We all know how important water is for us. Any kind of physical activity or sports lead to sweating and loss of moisture in our body. Therefore, every sportsman or traveller needs to maintain his or her body hydration.

Drink, compress, keep

Collapsible water bottles come into the picture as they are convenient, eco-friendly, and save you money when travelling. … When the bottle is empty, you collapse it down so it’s easily transportable. Once you’re back home or at your destination, you wash and refill the bottle and head out again.


Some collapsible water bottle designs are quite innovative, but not always practical. Below is a list of our top picks of collapsible water bottles that are guaranteed to be worth your buck.


Capacity: 750ml or 1000ml


We begin our list with the Cerchio collapsible. This tops our list as it has a great collapse to full bottle ratio of ⅕ which you must admit is impressive.


Apart from its large capacity, it comes in an array of colours to choose from. Its sturdy design makes it a popular choice even with kids as it can be used with only one hand.


No unnecessary spills with this bottle as they have a patented locking twist cap eliminates spills with a quick half-turn.


A few concerns have mentioned the taste of plastic especially when hot water is used. Other reviews have commented on how it collects dirt a lot especially when dropped.



Great style, good material and great quality.


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Capacity: 650ml


A great introduction for this bottle would be, “A bottle for travellers by a traveller”. Frustrated with all the inconveniences of the standard water bottles, Brian took matters into his own hands and brought to the markets one of the best collapsible bottles on the market to date.


With a myriad of colours to choose from, this bottle comfortably holds 22 oz of liquid, cold or hot with no compromise to its structure or durability. Made with BPA-free silicone, you won’t have to worry about those butterfingers as it takes a decent beating and maintains its sturdiness.


The best part about this bottle, well, apart from the 100% lifetime guarantee and leak-proof cap, is that it rolls up to about a third of its size. The multifunction strap comes into play ensuring that the flask remains in its folded position, making it easier to carry while on the go.



We have to give this bottle an all pass. From design to durability, form to function and style to safety, you couldn’t ask for more. The only thing that may put you off is that you might have to dig a bit deeper into your pockets to pick one of these off the shelves.


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Capacity: 500ml


Unlike any other bottle design on this list, we give this bottle a double thumbs up for its utterly unique design. Its hourglass shape allows it to collapse in two levels. Collapsing the top half leaves you with a shape close to a Chinese teacup.


Like all other bottles on the list, it is made of standard quality silicone allowing a perfect combination of flexibility and durability with a great temperature range (-50°C to 200°C). Even though the said temperature range is impressive, the manufacturers recommend storing liquids under 60°C to avoid burning your hand while holding it.



This is a bottle you’ll want to show off and for the price, I’ll have to say it’s a great bargain.


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Capacity: 550ml

Designed mostly with the sporty people in mind, the bottle features a telescopic collapsible design, which not only collapses for storage but can reduce into a cup. The colour options may be a bit too much on the eyes but you could always pick the black one.


A feature that we all tend to appreciate is the ability to use a bottle one-handed and the Valourgo is no exception. No dealing with flimsy, wobbly bottles here.


Do you know that uncomfortable feeling of the cap dangling around your nose? That’s a done deal with Valourgo. There is a flap that holds the lid and moves it back and forth when opened and closed. This may be a trivial issue to some but it’s a plus.


Great bottle for on the go activities.


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Capacity: 200ml, 250ml, 295ml, 340ml & 400ml


One of the most unique designs by far on this list. With only two colours to choose from, they come in different sizes to suit just what you need. It’s lightweight and collapsible design is suitable for pretty much any outdoor activity, as it is sturdy enough to be used in one hand.


Unlike other designs that either roll up or compress to collapse, this bottle collapses vertically and flattens into somewhat of a stick that fits perfectly in your pockets.

This is the only leak-proof bottle, (on this list, however) to have a removable base that provides you space to hold your coffee, tea bags, protein powder, tablets and anything else.



Great compact design built for the outdoors and the extra base gives it some extra points.


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Capacity: 600ml


This would qualify more like a cup than a bottle but generally has the same functionality. With the top opening of about 43mm, you wouldn’t hold this to your mouth while jogging. Either way, it’s material has a nice grippy feel to it.


Pretty much similar in collapse design as the Nomader, it rolls up, strapped into position and thrown into your bag. Using FDA approved BPA-free food grade liquid platinum silicone, no need to worry about taste or odour, and is eco-friendly



This is a pocket-friendly choice if you won’t mind owning either a pink or grey one, as those are the only variables. Also, it isn’t quite suitable for extremely cold temperatures so it won’t do well in your freezer.


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Capacity: 750ml


By the way, it’s been designed, this is your typical idea of a collapsible water bottle. Shrinkability is this bottle’s greatest strength so you won’t have to worry about extra luggage space. This would be a great choice for a long workout as it boasts of a 750 ml capacity, but it’s a bit too wobbly to be handled in one hand.


Well if you’re into freebies, your purchase comes with a free key-ring bottle opener with the HydraMate logo. This, in my opinion, could be a compensation for the substandard product, but that’s just my view.


Some concerns about this bottle are that the cap becomes loose and begins to leak after a few uses. Also, though technically it is freezable, this harms its lifespan but putting unnecessary strain on the bottle.



This is a good choice if you’re looking for an affordable collapsible bottle, to begin with, but be prepared to upgrade.


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