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Best Breakfast Before A Run – What Should You Fuel Up On?

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Running helps to keep the body healthy and in check, hence building a stronger immune system. A runner’s meal pick before a workout is very important and usually baffles mostly new runners. Every runner has a specific breakfast preference in the morning, typically depending on the type of distance they intend to cover running. Packing your system with calories tremendously increases resilience during workouts while enhancing energy boost.

It’s imperative to kick start your workouts at least by taking breakfast to put something in your system. Healthy morning breakfast must always be nutritious to maximize energy boost. 

It’s essential for runners especially regular or professional athletes to always stick to a specified nutritious breakfast to help them keep up during intense workout sessions.

Eating foods containing fats before a workout routine is highly discouraged by a nutritionist in the sense that it causes digestion problems that may be a hindrance to maximizing the full impact of the entire workout.

Type of Breakfast Choice Before a Run

We tend to have a wider variety of healthy breakfast recommendations for new runners including eggs, from scrambled to boiled, to high-protein pancakes you name it. Although, a meal is considered healthy doesn’t necessarily mean that it is good for breakfast workout.

Breakfast with lots of Fiber, for instance, isn’t recommended for a workout as it is known to increase your defecation rate while causing digestive problems.

Runners should steer clear off that fiber-rich breakfast before you start your workout. 

Caffeine and diets having fats are to be avoided for three to six hours before a run to prevent diarrhea, according to the Mayo Clinic.  

Below is a list of pre-run breakfast choices for runners

  • Chicken 
  • Greek yogurt with berries or sliced bananas
  • Scrambled egg whites 
  • Energy and protein bars
  • Steamed potatoes
  • cheese
  • Protein muffins, or pancakes
  • Pita bread with hummus
  • Vegetables
  • Whole grains 

Carbohydrates being the body’s primary energy source, consuming in bits during a workout  can enhance the workout session and the physical performance of a runner. It’s also worth noting that routine exercises reduce the chances of individuals dying from a stroke.

 A pre-run breakfast should be moderate in protein and rich in carbs. Long workouts, for instance, requires a different nutritional approach than normal workouts. 

Nutritionists usually state that the amount of protein or carbohydrates intake normally depends on the intensity of the workout. In most cases regular runner tend to need only 6o grams of carbohydrates while professional athletes need about 90 grams of carbohydrates during a workout.

Incase your uncomfortable eating before a workout, prepare carbohydrate shakes first.  Sports Medicine journal states that carbohydrates that are able to quickly be absorbed by the system, tend to enhance a runner’s performance more compared to a solid carbohydrate that are consumed before a morning workout.

Consuming carbohydrates especially in liquid for is believed to boost performance and endurance during a workout routine and is highly encouraged by health nutritionists. An effective workout routine is known to improve blood flow to all parts of the body.

Protein power breakfast

Choosing the best breakfast prior to a workout session can be challenging especially for new runners. The breakfast should nonetheless be packed with considerate quantities of protein. A Nutritionist published guide stated that runners that consumed huge chunks of proteins prior to a workout enhanced glycogen synthesis in their systems.

Protein intake is known to play a key role in the increase of muscle structure in the body. Also, proteins are highly recommended for a pre-workout meal in that, in order for it to properly digest, it required plenty of energy compared to carbohydrates or fats. This, in turn, will make the body to use more energy-burning more calories during both digestion and workout.

In case you’re on a weight-loss goal mission, then consume protein before a workout. Also, running triggers the brain to pump out two feel-good effects. Running has been found to help cure insomnia, studies have shown that running helps to improve sleep.

Breakfast Choice 

By now, your pre-workout breakfast choice has been narrowed down to the most convenient for your workout goal plan. Protein is essentially the main priority on your breakfast list in case your intention is to burn more calories. The runner’s workout goals, duration and workout routine intensity will also influence their food choices.

Some mornings before workouts runners may tend to have lost their appetites and during this situation, they are encouraged to at least take protein shakes to give them a kickstart.

Snacks containing protein are an excellent choice too. Runners should always avoid sugary snacks at all costs. A healthy snack is always rich in protein ingredients.

Whole grains also make a great breakfast choice for runners if consumed in moderation. Most grain high in fiber causes digestive problems before workouts.

Also not to forget, before, during and after a workout to always quench your thirst to avoid being dehydrated or encounter severe headaches, fatigue and other illnesses associated with dehydration.

In conclusion, a meal heavy on protein or protein juice consumed during breakfast prior to the early workouts is recommended by nutritionists because proteins are easily digestible and help to provide sufficient energy for a workout.



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