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Best Ankle Support for Running Reviews 2020

Best Ankle Support for Running Reviews 2020

Watch that Achilles

Your feet and ankles are body parts that not only bear the most of your body weight, they’re also constantly moving. This makes them the most vulnerable to injuries, wear-and-tear, and joint pain thus the need to take care of them at all costs.

Among the most common – and most debilitating and nagging – kinds of injuries anybody has to deal with are those involving the ankle. If you’re searching for an ankle brace you probably know this already. Ankle braces can help avoid injuries such as sprained or twisted ankles, they keep the foot and ankle straight and supported.

We have compiled a list of our selection of best ankle support braces for running.

Pure Compression Ankle Support

Pure support is the perfect solution for your foot if you’re looking for a lightweight ankle brace with minimum straps and laces. Depending on the nature of your ankle, it comes in different designs and also black, hence you should find the perfect size for your ankle.

Its premium quality makes it an outstanding ankle compression socks as it is very quick at absorbing sweat, thus leaving your feet odour free and dry. More so, its breathable compression fabric helps to improve blood circulation and maintain joint stability no matter the type of activity you are undertaking.

The straps lock into place well so you won’t have to worry about it shifting throughout its usage. Pure compression has put a lot of effort into ensuring that it is comfortable enough for long hours of continuous usage.


In a nutshell, this is a great choice for athletes who are on their feet for most of the time and require a brace that is not too bulky. Also, they are sold as a pair, which gives greater value for money. 

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McDavid Light 

Made of single-layer polyester, with a padded lining and a ventilated tongue, the McDavid Light is designed to be light-weight and comfortable while providing support to the wearer. This ankle brace is one of the few that have undergone a lot of research and countless experimentation before being made available.

Also, you will have to agree the extra figure-eight strap has a great aesthetic design to it. This strap will ensure you continue to rack up mileage and at the same time hasten your recovery if you are slowly getting back into running.

When it comes to price, in terms of the value you get from it, the price is more than fair. Customer reviews have shown that there are almost zero complaints regarding durability. It’s quality, from design down to stitching is guaranteed to leave you satisfied.


Premium quality and great design. One of the surest ways to a quick recovery.

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Designed to be lightweight, the Kungami ankle brace is a protective ankle orthosis, suitable for a sprained ankle, ankle ligament injury, and ankle instability patients, providing impact protection during movement.

Just because your ankle is sprained doesn’t mean that it won’t sweat occasionally. The laced and mesh fabric design addresses this issue making it more breathable which is helpful for the abstraction of heat and sweat releasing.

It may look a little bulky with a bit thicker straps but it’s more of function over form. It may be worth pointing out that the brace will restrict your movement quite a bit so that’s something to note.


Lightweight and greatly durable product. Great value for money considering the quality.

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Now here’s a pair you can slip on with some of your street shoes. Being less bulkier than the Kungami brace, this is a more comfortable fit without compromising on protection. It however also restricts your foot movement a bit but not to a noticeable degree for someone with or recovering from a sprained foot.

The figure-eight strap is meant to mimic the stirrup technique of an athletic taping procedure, securely locking the heel in place. To some extent, users have mentioned that it plays an effective role in improving stability, especially when walking on a sprained foot.

One thing that may put people off from picking it from the shelf is its complexity in putting them on. Just like the McDavid Light, it comes with laces that have to be fastened before the straps are wrapped into place. Some people prefer simple straps without laces.



The MEDIZED Ankle Stabilizer Brace is simply a professional sportsperson choice for effective treatment and prevention of ankle Injuries and is quite fairly priced.

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Bodyprox Ankle Brace

When it comes to the best value for money, the Bodyprox ankle brace should be your first option. It, without a doubt, has the lowest price tag on this entire list and what’s more, it is a “one-size-fits-all”. It’s wrapping functionality eliminates the hassle of finding the right size.

The stretchy neoprene that the fabric is made out of features a silicone gel shaped in wave designs horizontally placed along the strap. This aids in maintaining a firm grip giving in no chance of slipping off. The fabric is good with heat retention and also quite breathable so you won’t have to worry about sweat accumulation.

One downside of the brace is that some customers say it can be a bit difficult to take off due to the combination of sturdy velcro and the no-slip silicone waves. Having a hand injury may require you to get assistance.

Also, they may require you to wear socks with them. When in direct contact with the skin, the silicon waves tend to get a tad bit uncomfortable.


This brace is the best value for money if all you are looking for is a brace to aid in your quick recovery. Great for athletes who can’t wait to get back on their feet.

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We may once in a while find ourselves in a position where we need to get back on our feet after an injury or need help dealing with a preexisting ankle injury, and the need to acquire an ankle brace arises. We hope this article has simplified your search if you are in such a situation.