September 27, 2013

Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation (so called ‘RICE’) forms the cornerstone of treatment for a host of minor running injuries

Biofreeze Gel

September 25, 2013

In general terms if you can treat a minor injury (strains, pulled muscles, general running aches) quickly it can be

Nike Dri-Fit Knee Highs

September 25, 2013

Adding compression to either active training or to the recovery process has innumerable benefits with growing evidence that injury risk


September 24, 2013

Rocktape – easily the finest kinesiology tape on the market in RunningMonkey’s opinion – can be invaluable for supporting and

Kenkoh Classic Health Sandal

September 18, 2013

Post-run recovery – and perhaps pamper – is an all-important part of the training regime, neglect it and performance invariably

The Stick

September 18, 2013

Ranging in price from £27.99 to £47.99, depending on model, The Stick may look like an expensive recovery option –

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