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Published on June 10, 2016

MEE Audio Sports Headphones

Two versions of the MEE Audio Sports Headphones are the latest running tech on test with RunningMonkey with both the wired M7P and Bluetooth X7 Plus going head to head (ear to ear?)

Wired for sound

First then the MEE Audio M7P. These are headphones specifically designed for running – or going to the gym if you must – with a number of features raising them above the humdrum pack of also-ran sports headphones. Firstly the ergonomic design is particularly well thought through with comfortable over-ear styling that uses semi-flexible ‘earhooks’ (bendy wire) to keep them firmly in position. This, coupled with lightweight earpieces and four interchangeable eartips for a more bespoke snug fit, makes them one of the best sets of ‘phones RunningMonkey has ever donned.

An added bonus for running is that MEE Audio employ what they call ‘Liquipel Watersafe’, a nano-coating technology designed to repel the elements, but more importantly sweat. Sweat-resistant headphones of course stay snug and firmly in place when the temperature rises – that certainly proved to be the case with the M7P.

MEE Audio Sound test

All this would count for nothing if the audio sucked – fortunately it doesn’t. The M7P is pretty crisp and responsive from treble to deep bass and the snug fit certainly enhances this. For the audiophiles out there the spec is: an 8mm moving coil (dynamic) driver with frequency response range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz and an impedance of 16 Ohms at 1 kHz.

MEE Audio X7Other niceties include detachable cables – so that this tradition weakest link can be inexpensively replaced – a built-in microphone for taking calls (probably not while still running), shirt clip to keep the cable snag-free and a semi-rigid and nicely designed carry case that even incorporates a mesh pocket for spare eartips. Three inline buttons control volume up and down, plus track skip, call answers, etc. All very logical and a breeze to use.

Any downsides? Arguably the super-snug fit cuts out too much ambient noise – a bonus at home, but important to take care on the roads when awareness of traffic and other hazards is crucial. As with any headphones caution is advised but at a bang on the money £34.99 the MEE Audio M7P are still pretty much faultless.

MEE Audio X7Going wireless

If you want to ramp things up a little and are prepared to part with a heftier £89.99 then the MEE Audio X7 Plus is certainly worth considering.

Similarly specced in audio terms to the M7P, the X7 adds Bluetooth connectivity with a unit that charges in 2hours to provide 300hours of standby and over 7hours of music playback (all claims seemed spot on to us.) Pairing – something that was once an almighty chore – is no more than a button click away with the X7 and the connection remained strong with no drop out. The design incorporates an over-ear bendable wire which we found fiddly in the extreme on first use but once we had it right they pop on as easy as any other ‘phones. Like the M7P the X7 uses the no-slip sweat repelling Liquipel Watersafe coating to help keep everything in place and the in-ear fit is equally as snug and comfortable.

Being wireless the inline controls sit below and behind the right ear, but coming in at under 20g there’s no great sense of weight dragging things down. The only real downside (again apart from the ambient noise reduction) is that it takes some getting used to in having to blindly poke around behind your ear to adjust volume or skip tracks. Stick with it and practice makes (mostly) perfect. One other thing to note: Bluetooth, even the latest spec, is a notorious battery drainer, so whilst the headphones might give you 7+ hours of joy, your phones is unlikely to live up to the challenge.

Changeable eartips are included, along with a nicely compact carry case and mini-USB charge cable.

Pick your phones

At under £35 the MEE Audio M7P is an excellent bet and if you care about looks as much as comfort and sound quality they are available in black, green, red and blue. The X7 is obviously a big step up in price but about what you should expect to pay for wireless at this quality. Unlike the M7P though the X7 Plus is only available in black so they may not match your running top…

Both the MEE Audio M7P and X7 are available from

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