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Published on March 22, 2016

Precision Hydration SweatSalts

SweatSalts are the latest offering from hydration specialists Precision Hydration. The original range of H2ProHydrate tablets, with their varying ‘strengths’, are designed to be dissolved in water for use during or after exercise, whilst SweatSalts are simple capsules intended for straight consumption.

Created, say Precision Hydration, for ‘serious athletes who need to keep on top of their hydration when sweating heavily on the move’, SweatSalts are the heavy artillery of dehydration prevention. The blister-packs of 15 capsules deliver key electrolytes to maintain optimum hydration levels and prevent cramps and are formulated to be easy on the stomach. The latter point is likely to be of importance to runners who otherwise suffer when taking electrolyte replacements – an upset stomach can end a run almost as quickly as dehydration (and, of course, also then contributes to further dehydration.)

Each capsule typically provides 250.02mg of sodium and 125.81mg of potassium, with the recommended dose being two capsules per hour under hot conditions.

For us the original H2ProHydrate tablets remain the go-to option for background hydration on longer, hotter runs, but the new SweatSalts have certainly earned their place in the kit bag for both (minor) emergencies and for when things turn unexpectedly sweaty.

Precision Hydration SweatSalts retail at £6.99 for a pack of 15 capsules or £24.99 for four boxes of 15 capsules. Full details and online purchase at the Precision Hydration website also includes a ‘sweat test’ which will help determine which product is best for you.

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