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Published on February 9, 2016

Wyldsson Bar Mix

Wyldsson Bar Mix is the latest offering from Wyldsson, purveyors of one of the best trail mixes we’ve ever tried. In essence the Bar Mix is a 220g pouch of dry ingredients (more on which below) to which you add an egg, ripe bananas and a scoop of nut butter to create your own homemade bar, perfect for running, post-race recover or general snackage…

In the bag

There are two flavour options available in Wyldsson Bar Mix – original and coffee, with RunningMonkey testing out the former.

The mix is comprised of a range of high-quality ingredients including certified gluten free oats, dates, green raisins, goji berries, chia seeds and organic mango. And preparation couldn’t really be simpler. Mash two bananas (the riper the better), add an egg and 50g of almond butter – Wyldsson make an excellent one, but feel free to substitute to taste. Add the ingredients from the pouch, mix, pour into a tray and bake for around 20minutes.

Wyldsson Bar MixTaste test

Texture is going to depend slightly on the size of bananas you add, but a reasonably firm, but still ‘springy’ consistency is what you should be aiming for – and fortunately exactly what we got. The flavour is strong, but not too intense, with plenty of fruity notes and nutty hints; overall there’s a slight bread pudding vibe to the bars, possibly just the cinnamon in the mix, but most welcome regardless. Ingredients are generously sized so you can expect a good bite of near-whole almond for example.


The Wyldsson Bar Mix pack will produce (again slightly dependent on banana size) around 10 30g bars each delivering approximately 93kcal, with 11.6g carbs, of which 4.5g are sugar, plus about 2g of protein.

In terms of comparison to a shop bought energy bar let’s look at a standard High5 Energy Bar: Per 100g the High5 will give you 325kcal (compared to Wyldsson’s 309), 66g of carbohydrates (Wyldsson: 39g), protein 4.3g (Wyldsson: 7.3g), fibre 4.1g to Wydlsson’s 6.5g.

To our mind a bake-at-home option certainly gives flexibility over a shop bought option. Like more nuts? Chuck them in. Some slow release sugars? Perhaps a dash of honey…

Wyldsson Bar MixWyldsson Bar Mix options

If you opt for the Wyldsson Bar Mix coffee variety levels are slightly, certainly not alarmingly, lower in terms of nutrition. That means it really comes down to taste and of course you could add a splash of coffee essence to the original variety should you wish. That’s the customisable beauty of this product. To make things even easier both flavours are available complete with a quality silicone baking tray that’s just the right size for a single batch.

Wyldsson Bar Mix Original retails at £8.99 to include the baking tray or £3.49 without and the Coffee variety is £9.99/£3.99 with/without the tray. Wyldsson Almond Butter is £5.99 for 360g or £14.99 for 1kg. Assuming you go for a small jar of the butter and bananas are about 30p each that means you’ll get a batch of bars costing in the region of 50p each. That’s great value in our opinion.

Full details and online purchase at – Read the RunningMonkey review of the Wyldsson Trail Mix here.


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