33Shake to Launch in America

33Shake33Shake has come a long way since setting out their stall back in 2012 with gels and shakes produced from the kitchen of their London flat. With the specific intention to ‘…provide the best possible products for serious performers to take themselves to the next level and beyond…’ 33Shake’s chia-based nutrition has won innumerable support from the endurance community – not least the approval of Chrissie Wellington. Now though they’re set to conquer the US market…

With a 3-month, 40-date tour, all built on little more than social media and a second-hand car (which they intend to sell at journey’s end to break even) founders Erica and Warren Pole are in for a long haul. But as endurance athletes themselves they’re more than prepared for what that entails; speaking to RunningMonkey ahead of their North American odyssey, Warren comments: ‘Seriously, don’t think I’d have made it through what we’ve had to deal with to make this happen if it hadn’t been for the hard-won ultra knowledge that no matter how hard it is, if you just keep putting one foot in front of another, you can get there.’

Live in America? Want 33Shake to visit you? Just let them know by entering your details here.

Details of 33Shake at 33shake.com and keep up with the latest news from them on Facebook and Twitter. Take a look at the RunningMonkey review of the 33Shake Chia Energy Gel here and the 33Shake All-in-one Endurance Shake here.

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