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Published on January 13, 2016


Sometimes it really is worth sweating the small things in life. Pinrace is intended to replace safety pins for attaching race numbers – making the job easier, keeping everything more securely in place and preventing damage to expensive running kit.

The way that Pinrace works is both simple and elegant. Each pack contains four pairs of small, super-strong magnets housed in plastic casing. And when we say super-strong we really mean it; these nickel-plated neodymium magnets have a gripping strength of 1.6 kg each. To attach: simply put one magnet from each pair beneath your running shirt and the other over, clamping the race number in place. Repeat for each corner with small adjustments made by gently pulling in to place. Fitting a number to the back of a running shirt simply involves prepositioning the Pinrace magnets before putting it on. See, simple.

Getting things straight 

If you’re the kind of runner that’s a little OCD about getting your number exactly in the right place (and god forbid it should be wonky) then Pinrace is certainly for you. Beyond that there’s the added security – though we’ve personally never lost a pinned number – and, more importantly, the saving in damage to expensive running tops. Pinrace doesn’t leave holes, doesn’t leave marks.

Where’s the rub?

Downsides? Not really. We rather thought they might feel uncomfortable against the skin, but that’s really not the case. Certainly they’re noticeable when you first put them on, but once running we completely forgot they were there. When putting Pinrace on there was a tendency for the plastic caps that cover the magnets to occasionally pop off and they are a pain to fit back on with wind-chilled fingers. The solution is to slide the magnets apart rather than tugging at them.

Probably not advisable to use Pinrace if you have a chest-mounted HRM and definitely keep them (literally) at arms length from expensive GPS and smartphones on the run.

Pick your pin

Warning aside RunningMonkey really likes Pinrace; not indispensible, not an essential but certainly a great running extra that’s been really well thought through, designed and executed. Available in a choice of colours Pinrace retail at £7.99 for a pack of four (i.e. good for attaching one number) or £37.95 for a set of five; ideal if you fancy splitting the purchase with running buddies. Customise versions with club logos are also available, priced on application.

Full detail and online purchase of Pinrace at pinrace.com – you can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

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