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Published on January 20, 2016

MOMA Porridge

MOMA Porridge could well be the final word in instant breakfasts, having elevated the humble oat into something of an art form. Porridge, particularly in these chillier months, can make for a great start to the running day; slow release energy combined with oat’s natural source of B6 is the choice of many elite athletes.

Available in either sachets or take-anywhere pots MOMA Porridge is about as far removed from that childhood favourite Ready Brek as you can imagine. Yet it’s just as convenient to make by simply adding water and stirring.

MOMA porridgeFull range of flavours

Better yet MOMA Porridge is available in a range of flavours to suit most tastes. Coconut & Chia uses gluten free oats and coconut milk powder (making it dairy free) and adds super-charged chia to the mix. The Super Seeds variety, relatively plain tasting but with a nice nuttiness, includes pumpkin, chia and linseeds; conversely the Golden Syrup option is likely to appeal to those with a sweeter tooth. Likewise the Cranberry & Raisin variety of MOMA Porridge, whilst those who want things really unadulterated can opt for Plain, which contains no added sugar – but is also perfect if you want get creative and add your own ingredients.

All the flavours we have tested have been excellent; personally Plain is just that, a little too plain for us, whilst the Cranberry & Raisin was slightly too sweet. At the risk of sounding like one of Goldilocks’ bears the Golden Syrup was just right…

Nutritional breakdowns

Obviously the nutritional values vary across the range of MOMA Porridge options. Per 100g – both sachets and pots come in at 65-70g – Plain serves up 256kcal with 6.3g fat (1.1g saturated), 54.5g of carbs (14.4g from sugars), a really respectable 7.9g of fibre, and 18.5g of protein.

At the sweeter end of the scale Golden Syrup ups the carbs to 61.5g (but with 23.7g from sugar) and Cranberry & Raisin contains 27.1g of sugars. Of course sugars in this case are not really the issue – use them right and that’s your fuel for running. So simply chose the MOMA variety that best suits your palate.

Ingredient quality

In addition to oats being a great source of Vitamin B6, they are also a source of folic acid, which supports the immune system, and have more soluble fibre than any other grain, so are great for the digestive system too. MOMA don’t go over the top citing organic or fair trade ingredients, but it certainly seems that they know their oats and know how to serve them up in interesting and convenient ways.

MOMA porridgeTake your pick

Packs of 12 individual serving pots of MOMA Porridge cost £14.99 (with Coconut & Chia currently on offer at £11.99.) The more economic sachet option is £17.99 for 30 servings and, if you can’t quite make your mind up, there’s the 12-pack mix of Super Seeds, Plain Golden Syrup, and Cranberry & Raisin up for grabs at £7.99. It’s not cheap, but it’s not Ready Brek either…

Full details and online purchase of MOMA Porridge at and you can get social with them on Facebook and Twitter too.

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