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Published on December 1, 2015

Everything But the Cow

If you’re looking for a lighter protein drink and a solid alternative to milk, Everything But the Cow claims to offer just that. Made from non-GMO soya protein these 330ml cartons contain 20% real fruit and, crucially, no additional sweeteners, thickeners, gums or artificial ingredients of any kind. Any good? RunningMonkey kicked off the trail shoes to take a swig…

Everything But the Cow (wonder what Tracey Thorn thinks about the name?) is available in three flavours: mango and orange, banana and kiwi, and strawberry and raspberry. There’s a real freshness to the taste of all three and a slight hit of background honey, which is used as a sweetener across the range. Protein drinks can sometimes taste grainy, but these are silky smooth and if you’re looking for a quick extra base ingredient for a more complex homemade smoothie they work brilliantly here too.

Because Everything But the Cow doesn’t require refrigerating until opened they make a convenient post-race or workout drink, which rapidly adds a fairly decent 7g of protein to your recovery. Kcal varies across the range: mango and orange at 122kcal, banana and kiwi at 180kcal, and strawberry and raspberry at 165kcal – all low and nothing to get unduly excited about. All varieties are low fat and if you care about the planet it’s good to know that soya protein is apparently 14 times more efficient to produce than even organic dairy protein.

Oddly – though perhaps just to help differentiate the product – Everything But the Cow claim that their drinks are made ‘with women in mind’. Sure they aren’t as rammed with high levels of protein like some recovery formulas (aimed more at the pure muscle builders) but RunningMonkey can’t see any reason why male runners should miss out on drinks this good.

Everything But the Cow retails at £15.92 for 8 x 330ml cartons with free delivery on eight or more cases. Further details and online purchase at

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