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Published on October 8, 2015

Wyldsson Trail Mix

Trail mix is a major food group when it comes to ultra-running and it’s not a subject we take lightly at RunningMonkey. So when we’re told ‘we make the best trail mixes in the world’ it pretty much has our attention.

Scepticism first and foremost as we’re pretty used to being told ‘we make the best…’ shorts, head torches, gels, compression, etc. But in all honesty it took less than a couple of mouthfuls (one, if we’re honest) to whole-heartedly agree on the trail mix issue.

So here are the basics: Wyldsson have created gluten and dairy free trail mix made from clean, healthy, real food and managed to come up with ten really unique combos in the process. Amongst the varieties are Barberries and Green Raisins, Organic Ecuadorian Banana and Belgian Chocolate, Organic Goldenberry, and Californian Pomegranate – not only do they sound more like party canapés, they taste like it too. There’s nothing tougher than trying to fuel on the same old taste sensation on a long run, but Wyldsson trail mix helps stir things up with each delivering a really unique and identifiable flavour.

They stack up in the nutrition department too. Values obviously vary between varieties, but taking Organic Mulberry as being fairly representative you can expect each 45g serving to deliver 238kcal, 18.2g fat (2.3g saturates), 12.7g of carbs (8.9g of which is sugars), 2.7g fibre and 7g of protein. All varieties contain no more than around 0.01g of salt.

Another unique selling point – one we’re not entirely convinced by – is that Wyldsson trail mix comes in soft(ish) plastic tubes, a little like large test tubes. There’s some convenience to be had from this and the fact that you can buy bulk refills is pretty neat (and more cost effective), but the lids do have a tendency to pop off, even before they’ve been ‘officially opened’ for the first time. For running purposes we rather prefer the standard soft packs that something like Mulebar Nosebag comes in, but that’s probably pedantic when the trail mix inside is just so damn good…

Wyldsson Trail MixAnd cost? A box of ten – one of each flavour, although you can specify your own selection if you wish – will set you back £15.99; about £1.60 per tube as we thought we’d tackle the tough maths for you. By comparison Mulebar Nosebag is £15.68 for 8 x 70g packs, whilst Chia Charge Trail Mix is £1 per 25g pack.

The Wyldsson refill trail mix represents really good value for money at £9.99 for a large 750g pouch. Further details and online purchase at

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