Hell of a Hill

Hell of a HillHell of a Hill Marathon & Ultra– November 11-15, 2015

As a marathon the Hell of a Hill is tough – possibly the toughest in the UK with participants running up and down Rivington Pike in the West Pennine Moors over eight laps covering around 6,000feet of climb. Have you got what it takes to become a conqueror of the Hills?

But, for the really determined there is the option to do this five times over five consecutive days climbing over 12,000 steps in the process. On the plus side each day/marathon completed earns you a bespoke medal and if you get through all five there’s a trophy too…

Plenty of support and food supplied to competitors on either a one or five day pilgrimage and huge bragging rights to be had when you consider not just the tough terrain but also how unforgiving the weather is likely to be on this particular Hell of a Hill…

Take on all five days for £150 affiliated or £160 unaffiliated. Full details of Hell of Hill at hillrunner.org.uk

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