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Published on August 28, 2015

Wahoo Fitness TICKR X

Calling the Wahoo Fitness TICKR X a heart rate monitor is like calling Amazon a bookshop – fundamentally true, but barely scratching the surface of what’s on offer.

Let’s start with the surface though: Yes, the TICKR X is a heart rate monitor (and a really solid option if that’s what you’re after) but is better described as a full fitness tracker likely to have those runners who like to crunch the numbers jumping with joy – which, of course, the TICKR X will dutifully record. With Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ dual-band technology the device pairs quickly and effortlessly with either iPhone or Android for use with a wide range of popular apps including market leaders such as Nike+ Running, Runkeeper and Strava.

Wahoo Fitness TICKR XBut if you really want to get the most out of the TICKR X and obsess over almost every conceivable metric then Wahoo Fitness’s own Fitness app (which is free) should be your first stop. Here’s just a taste of the info you’re likely to track on the run: time, distance, pace, average pace and heart rate (all as expected), plus both average and max cadence, ground contact time, oscillation, left/right off-set… Of course you can get too much of a good thing, so concentrating on the numbers that matter to you – RunningMonkey is slightly fixated on hitting a 180 cadence – will help you get the most out of the TICKR X and the most out of your training.

Whilst the use of Bluetooth is something of a battery-killer (full iPhone charge to flat-line in little more than 3hours in our experience) there’s the option to use the internal memory on the TICKR X and simply upload the data post-run.

The TICKR X itself is perfectly comfortable to wear and can be ‘double-tapped’ to start/stop various functions; there’s also vibration feedback and a couple of blinking blue and red lights that add a touch of Marvel’s Iron Man to proceedings. Also, thanks to the built-in monitors, it works just as well on treadmill or for other indoor workout sessions – perhaps in conjunction with the likes of the Wahoo Fitness 7 Minute Workout app.

Apart from the drain on iPhone battery, which is frankly the fault of Apple, the TICKR X is a near-perfect example of what tech can bring to running and at £79.99 good value for money too.

Wahoo Fitness SportbandIf you’re looking for an armband for your phone to pair with the TICKR X then Wahoo Fitness have that covered too with the Wahoo Sportband. It’s weather and sweat-proof with a small flap that pulls across the top to keep rain out and a discreet cable hole on the lower side – an improvement on others we have tested where the headphone connection proved the weakest link when it came to stopping leaks. The neoprene band is comfortable and wide enough to prevent bounce and rubbing on the run, and the clear ‘window’ sensitive enough to allow full functionality of the phone. The Wahoo Sportband, retailing at £24.99 fits a variety of iPhone and Android devices – see for details and compatibility.

Further details and online purchase of the TICKR X and all Wahoo Fitness products at

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