Nutrition Twist Espresso Protein Drink

Published on August 25, 2015

Twist Espresso Protein Drink

The Twist Espresso Protein Drink is a post-race or post-training session drink we think you’ll enjoy. Made from a blend of real Colombian coffee and high-quality whey protein, Twist comes powdered in 250ml mini-shaker bottles that are light, convenient and eminently portable.

To mix, just unscrew the lid, add water to the top of the label, close, shake vigorously and then top up with a little more water… and drink. The patented mixer bottle blends the powder effortlessly but we found it’s important to shake the bottle down before opening as the top can get clogged if you’ve had it inverted in a kit bag. The taste is exceptionally good – really a little more like a Frappuccino than an espresso – containing 73mg of caffeine (about the same as a can of Red Bull) and 17g protein with an all-in calorie count of 90.

Although we started off by noting how good this would be post-race or training – given the whey protein for recovery – the reasonable dose of caffeine could also be useful pre-workout; it’s worth experimenting with to see what works best for you. We certainly found Twist refreshing, well judged for both protein and caffeine levels and convenient.

Twist Espresso Protein Drinks are available from retailing at a pretty hefty £3.49 for one, but dropping to more reasonable levels for six (£14.95) or 30 (£45.00).

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