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Published on August 18, 2015

Pukka Clean Greens and Vitalise

Although Pukka may be better know for their fine organic teas they also produce a range of organic supplements that fully deserve to be better recognised by runners – chief amongst these are Clean Greens and Vitalise. Taking each in turn:

Clean Greens is a potent blend of 11 ‘super-rich’ green foods available in either capsule or powder form, the latter having greatest flexibility as it’s ideal for adding to the likes of smoothies, shakes and juiced vegetable drinks. Amongst the key ingredients are super-nutritious nettle, mineral- and vitamin-rich kale, and go-to antioxidant wheatgrass juice – there’s also ginger (a natural anti-inflammatory), green tea, parsley…

There’s certainly a distinctive – though not massively overpowering– taste to Pukka Clean Greens, the anise-like fennel comes through the strongest, adding a slightly liquorice taste to even the most flavoursome smoothies.

Turning to Pukka Vitalise – again available in capsules or powdered form – this really ups the ante with no fewer than 30 energising botanicals, most notably beetroot (an antioxidant with proven blood-pressure-lowering qualities), flavonoid-packed bilberries, and ginseng. In total Pukka Vitalise packs in concentrated extracts from 10 herbs and spices, seven fruits, two vegetables, three seaweeds, two mushrooms, two freshwater plants, one grass juice and, apparently, ‘magical flower pollen.’

As with the Clean Greens, Vitalise adds a hint of liquorice to the taste– although this time thanks to actual liquorice – and a slight, but far from unpleasant, earthiness from the beetroot. Again, in powder form, Vitalise is an excellent way to supercharge a smoothie with the broad-spectrum approach likely to benefit even the most casual weekend runner.

If you just want a great (and organic) cuppa, then Pukka is well worth a look, but if your serious about your running and want to maximise your dietary intake for a more holistic approach to training then both Clean Greens and Vitalise are an outstanding place to start.

Pukka Clean Greens are available in capsule form at £17.45 for 60 or powdered at £1.25 per 4g sachet, £25 for 20 x 4g, or £27.95 for a 120g jar. Pukka Vitalise retails at £20.95 for 60 capsules, £1.45 for a 4g powder-sachet (£29.00 for 20 sachets) or £34.96 for a 120g jar.

Full details and online purchase at, or follow Pukka on Twitter or Facebook.

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