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Published on August 4, 2015


When it comes to hydration there’s welcome simplicity with elete. The 100% natural liquid is the result of solar evaporation of the mineral-rich water of the Great Salt Lake in Utah, so all that’s left to do is add a few drips to the water bottle and you have the perfect electrolyte drink.

And when RunningMonkey says a few drips that’s exactly what we mean: just 2.5ml dilutes a full litre of water (or water and juice combined if you’re looking to add some carbs to the run) and that convenience means the tiny 25ml elete Pocket Bottle can go pretty much anywhere with you. Elete is certainly excellent when it comes to ultra-distances where weight matters and the ability to turn aid station water into a more useful electrolyte fluid can be essential in maintaining performance. At a push, if salt-depletion cramps have set in, you can even swill your mouth out with pure, undiluted elete to ameliorate matters.

Elete contains the four key electrolytes that can be lost to sweat during exercise – magnesium, potassium, chloride and sodium – along with 70 trace and ultra-trace minerals to help maximise performance. Although tasted neat there’s a decidedly salty taste to proceedings (you’d hardly expect anything else) once diluted there’s absolutely no distinguishable flavour; that means you can even add it to food or coffee should you wish to…

In addition to the 25ml Pocket Bottle elete is also available in a range of larger sizes – 120ml, 240ml and 480ml – from which you can make up your drink of choice or simply refill the race-pack-friendly Pocket Bottle.

25ml Pocket Bottles of elete retail at £7.99, 120ml bottles at £15.35, 240ml at £25.25 and 480ml £39.95 – further details at

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