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Published on July 2, 2015

Drop Scales

Good nutrition is key to good performance and the new Drop scales are a brilliantly conceived and beautifully executed tech solution for tickling your taste buds and getting you experimenting with food.

Drop ScalesSo, what exactly is Drop? Put simply it’s a dinky and very cute-looking set of scales that connect via Bluetooth to the associated (free) recipe app. Of course you can use them simply to weigh things and the iPhone app does only that, acting as the display, but where’s the fun in that? Turn instead to the main iPad app and get really creative.

Just like the Drop scales the app too is beautifully rendered and completely intuitive – if you’re really hard-core about fitness you might find the whole thing a little twee (but then frankly you’re all muscle and no heart.) The countless recipes can be viewed by ‘latest’, ‘getting started’ (a few simple beginner’s delights), or ‘featured’ – they can also be searched by name or ingredient with further refined criteria such as special dietary requirements, time or difficulty. Whilst there are some sugary delights on offer, such as Baked Cinnamon Sugar Mini Doughnuts, the majority have a healthy slant and include a large number of unusual offerings: Chickpea and Quinoa Burgers, Baba Ghanoush, Buckwheat Blinis…

Drop ScalesRecipe selected, the app walks you through the things you’ll need – both ingredients and utensils – and then allows you to readjust for serving amounts and the amount of any particular ingredient you have available. Don’t have quite enough butter? Weigh what you have, hit ‘adjust’ and the whole recipe rescales for you. Then it’s just a simple case of clicking through the step-by-step ‘cards’ (some of which can be ‘flipped’ for an illustration or sort video) until you’re done. Drop even takes care of all the timings for you – although quitting the app while your dough is rising can be problematic so we tended to time things conventionally and then just re-join the recipe when things went ‘ping.’

Creating a free account allows you to bookmark and store favourite recipes, socially share your results and add online profile details. Undoubtedly they’ll be more functionality added here in due course too.

Drop ScalesOn test Drop has produced perfect results every time and even a kitchen-klutz like RunningMonkey has found the whole process a doddle. Of course there are a couple of things that could be (and almost certainly will be) improved: there’s no adjustment for fan-oven times or a gas-mark equivalents and there’s not specific nutritional breakdown on recipes or ingredients – something that the rival SITU scale has made its unique selling point. If future Drop updates can add that functionality it will shift the product into the realms of indispensible for those who love to fuel their exercise with homemade, truly nutritious meals and snacks.

Further details of Drop at getdrop.com and online purchase for £79.95 at Amazon.co.uk

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