Published on June 1, 2015


If you think a head torch is just a head torch the LED LENSER SEO7R will make you think again. And if you’re looking for clichés about German technology you’ve come to the right place. The SEO7R is so packed with tech that it takes six pages of densely packed text to explain its functions, but don’t let you put you off it’s more than worth the effort to get to know this head torch inside out.

First some basics: Light output can be varied from a powerful 220 lumens to a mere 20, the beam can be focused from a wide 130degree angle down to a map-friendly 40degrees spot and, depending on settings, you’ll get between five and 20hours of use from either three AAA batteries or the optional rechargeable cell.

A single click sets the SEO7R to maximum brightness, whilst a second click cycles through to a medium setting that can then be adjusted all the way from lowest to highest brightness to best fit the task at hand. Another click on and this head torch gets really clever with the Automatic Dim feature that adjust the output depending on requirements – for example dimming automatically as you run through well-lit streets and maxing back out when you hit the darkest trails. There’s also a strobe option and a red LED function used to preserve night vision.

LED LENSOR SEO7RIf all that’s not enough there’s also a neat Transport Lock feature activated/deactivated by holding the button for five seconds after which the head torch can’t accidently be turned on (for example whilst in a pack.) In addition to the easily focused beam the front mount can be swivelled up or down through 90degrees to angle the beam precisely where needed.

Weighing in at just over 100g, including batteries, the SEO7R isn’t the lightest head torch on the market (though far from the heaviest) but it sits perfectly comfortably against the forehead with the easily adjustable strap keeping everything firmly in place. At first glance there’s something a little ‘plasticy’ about the appearance, but it’s actually proven to be incredibly rugged and well constructed – although we’re still not sure we’d fully trust the little integrated clip to hang it from anything.

What we really love about the LED LENSER SEO7R though is that none of this is tech-for-techs-sake, there’s genuine usefulness throughout and not a function we haven’t found handy on the run.

The LED LENSER SEO7R retails at £74.95 – not cheap but a fraction of the similarly specced £145 Petzl NAO (brighter but also heavier.) The optional rechargeable cell is £13.

Further details of the LED LENSER range at ledco.co.uk and online purchase at ledlenser-store.co.uk

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