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Published on May 20, 2015

CEP Socks and Compression

CEP, the German brand of socks and compression apparel, certainly have some impressive names on their books with the likes of four-times Ironman Champion Lucy Gossage rocking the look. 2015 has also seen an expansion of their range, so RunningMonkey hit the road to put things to the test.

CEP Short SockFirst up, although not part of the new 2015 release, is the CEP Short Sock: For the price of £16.99 there’s a lot of tech on show here with excellent comport levels from the anatomical left/right fit. The ‘metatarsus compression zone’ provides some gentle squeeze mid-foot to help stabilise the arch, there’s subtle padding through the Achilles for protection and the flat toe seam helps minimise the potential for blisters. Whilst we found these excellent for shorter distances the 85% polyamide, 15% spandex mix neither wicked adequately nor allowed enough breathing to prevent the socks from getting exceptionally sweaty on longer runs; despite the antibacterial properties the CEP Short Socks ‘stank up’ pretty quickly.

The same goes for the newly released CEP No Show Socks (£13.50.) With a lower 11% elastane blend these were still exceptionally comfortable short-term but became clammy on runs longer than 90minutes.

CEP Ultralight Run SocksThe CEP Ultralight Run Socks on the other hand (foot?) kept going much longer, breathed more efficiently and wicked away moisture fast enough to keep the feet fresh. Again comfort levels are excellent and the compression squeeze from the high 25% elastane mix perfectly judged for comfort and post-run recovery – thinner (thus ‘ultralight’) but still with more than adequate padding for marathon distances and beyond these are far more like what we would expect from CEP. At £50 they’re not cheap when compared to something like the similarly-specced Compressport Full Socks V2 (£30), but not far off the general mark for this quality of compression wear.

CEP Calf GuardThe CEP Calf Sleeves also live up to the company’s reputation. Good graduated compression for both race and recovery and, despite the struggle to get on which always comes with compression wear, they stay snug and comfortable for extended periods. The Ultralight option retails at £37.50 and the ‘standard’ 2.0 option at a slightly cheaper £32.99 – both well within the price-point we would expect.

The CEP range is available in a good range of colours and whilst we wouldn’t dream of putting fashion over performance it’s nice to see such a great dash of brightness out on the trails.

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