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Published on May 5, 2015

Cathar Way Challenge Launch

RunningMonkey is excited to announce the launch of the Cathar Way Challenge, an epic run of approximately 250km through the Pyrenees from the ancient town of Foix to Port-La-Nouvelle on the Mediterranean coast.

In September we – Robin Pemberton, Gavin Bowyer and Justin Bowyer – will be running the entirety of the Cathar Way in just five days (that’s an ultra-per-day, thank you) self-supported and carrying our provisions with us.

We will broadly be following the Cathar Way (or Sentier Cathare) a thousand-year-old trail through tough, often mountainous, terrain steeped in ancient history and grail mythology. In part the area and its history is the inspiration for both The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail and Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code, although finding blisters is still more likely than finding the grail…

specialeffect_logoAnd why are we doing this? The five day Cathar Way Challenge will be raising funds for a charity called SpecialEffect who are dedicated to using technology to enhance the quality of life of people with all kinds of needs, including stroke and road traffic accident patients, individuals with life-limiting conditions and injured soldiers returning from overseas. You can find more about them at specialeffect.org.uk

Over the coming months RunningMonkey will be bringing you regular updates as the Cathar Way Challenge draws nearer detailing more of the route, the kit, the preparations and quite possibly our mounting panic. In the meantime please, please consider sponsoring us on this epic challenge by donating at JustGiving.

Cathar Way

If you can help spread the word through social media please do – You can link to this page http://bit.ly/1PkU0sp or our JustGiving page bit.ly/Cathar2015 and use #CatharWayChallenge and #RaceForTheGrail

If you would like any of our social media assets, logos, etc. please email us here and we’ll scoot them straight over to you. Follow RunningMonkey on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest updates.

Thank you, you fabulous runners – Happy Trails, RunningMonkey.

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