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Published on April 10, 2015


Launched at the London Marathon Exhibition in 2013 Runderwear is the creation of Jamie Smalley and Richard Edmonds the same sports-mad entrepreneurs behind the hugely successful RunBreeze sock brand. Having tackled the ‘sock issue’ and developed their range of functional foot coverings they turned their attention to underwear (commando or no?) and, in their own words, took ‘a product the world assumed was ok and showed what was possible.’

The Runderwear range of running pants now includes men’s briefs and boxers and women’s briefs and G-strings all using the same seamless technology for maximum comfort during exercise. In addition to the admirable and wonderfully noticeable lack of seams all the garments use high-performance wicking material to keep the skin dry and help prevent chafing and irritation.

Many runners opt for the no-pants commando option and whilst this might feel like the right degree of ‘freedom’ (guys, we’re looking at you – but not in a creepy way) there’s much to be said for better, ahem, ‘ball control’. Runderwear delivers this without constriction and we’ve been impressed how quickly for forgot we were even wearing them; that may seem like a backhanded compliment but is really at the heart of what matters here.

RunderwearIn terms of aesthetics – admit it, that counts too – Runderwear opts for black classic with the same pale-blue trim and logo that defined the original RunBreeze products. We might argue that the boxers have less direct application (it’s the briefs that are going to be most useful under shorts of any length) but clearly the market has proven a need for a full Runderwear range.

Running underwear might not seem like the most exciting notion or be at the top of many runner’s priority kit list, but Runderwear is one of those products that, once tried, does make you question everything you did before. Functional, comfortable and, with prices ranging from £15 for the women’s G-string to £18 for the men’s boxers, exceptionally affordable in the scheme of things.

Men’s Runderwear is available in five sizes from small to XX-large and women’s in three sizes: small, medium, large. Further details and online purchase at

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