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Published on February 12, 2015

Teko eVapor8 Compression

Teko, the British eco-performance sock brand, never seems to get quite the profile its excellent range deserves, but perhaps that is set to change with the launch of their latest additions: the Teko eVapor8 Compression Sleeve and eVapor8 Compression Sock.

Whilst the Teko eVapor8 Compression Sleeve is, in effect, a calf guard, the eVapor8 Compression Sock, as the name helpfully suggests, extends things toe-wards to offer a full compression garment; both deigned to help improve performance and post-event recovery. The socks and sleeves both feature ‘graduated compression’ meaning they are tighter around the ankle and marginally looser in the calf, a standard deviation for more advanced compression wear that allows for faster recovery through the ‘flushing’ of lactic acid and via increased blood return towards the heart.

Choosing between the Sleeve and Sock is really a matter of personal preference. Most runners will already have an ideal sock/shoe combination, in which case the addition of the eVapor8 Compression Sleeve will add the benefits without taking away the comfort of familiarity. That said, the sock is remarkably comfortable in its own right and really deserves a crack at making it into the kit bag. The fabric for both is lightweight and breathes effectively; the combination of 60% eVapor8 (Teko’s own fast-wick polyamide) with 36% Nylon and 4% elastic feels well judged for support and active compression but didn’t seems to quite add the squeeze we might look for in a pure recovery compression piece where a tighter hug could bring faster results.

Teko, as always, have delivered a truly solid product for the price – eVapor8 Compression Sleeve £25, Sock £30 – and you would be hard pressed (squeezed?) to find anything else around this price-point with the same quality of construction.

The eVapor8 Compression Sleeve and eVapor8 Compression Sock are available in sizes S, M, L & XL in Black/Firefly, White/Firefly & Firefly colour combos. ‘Firefly’, for clarity, is a sort of lime-green, just with a cooler name…

Further details on the eVapor8 Compression Sleeve and eVapor8 Compression Sock, along with the wider brand offering, at

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