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Published on February 2, 2015


Some ideas are so simple we kick ourselves for not coming up with them – such is the case with the FlipBelt, a singular tubular waistband for stashing everything from keys to gels and phone.

Unlike traditional ‘bum bag’ style running packs there are no fastenings to fiddle with or get chafed by with the FlipBelt and there’s potential to store far more than with a stripped-backed, looped, gel holder. In fact there’s something of the Tardis about the FlipBelt – it impressed us with just how much we could safely stow and still not ‘feel the jiggle’.

There are four slits in the belt – two at the front, two round the side/back – into which things can be posted or retrieved, with one of the ones at the front featuring an elasticated loop and clip to secure a key. For additional security the whole belt can be flipped over (see how it got its name?) so that nothing can fall out. Like we said: simple.

The fabric is perhaps a little on the thick side – an otherwise welcome feature of ruggedness perhaps – which may make a well-stocked FlipBelt a tad toasty on a hot day, but on balance the benefits outweigh the issue. With a little careful packing and an attempt to remember into which slit you posted what it’s also a breeze to quickly retrieve your required gel, bar, phone, etc.

The FlipBelt is a nifty addition to the market – thought through, well constructed and even displaying a dash of reflective logo to add to running safety. There are a good range of colours from stealthy black to neon yellow and brilliant pink and a range of size from XS-XL.

The FlipBelt retails at £25 with online purchase and more information at theflipbelt.co.uk

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