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Published on January 13, 2015


Sports ENER-G from USN – that’s Ultimate Sports Nutrition – is something of an all-rounder, with application pre-, during and post-exercise. A powdered supplement available in 1kg tubs, Sports ENER-G mixes quickly and completely with water for a drink that provides both carbohydrates and rehydrating electrolytes.

Available in three distinct flavours Exotic Berry, Mango and Lime, and Fruit Fusion, the taste is relatively subtle and doesn’t over-power proceedings. Mixing though is a little hit and miss as the directions call for ‘two heaped teaspoons’ or 18g per 250ml of cold water – a specific measuring spoon is likely to be missed by those of a really rigorous or scientific nature, but at least there is flexibility to mix to taste. With the 18g/250ml recommended amount being specified as ‘one serving’ you’ll get, to our rough calculation, around 55 drinks out of one tub of Sports ENER-G – at £19.99 for tub, that’s a very reasonable 36p-per-drink.

In terms of energy and supplement delivery a single serving provides 16g of carbs (9.6g of which are sugars) and decent amounts of electrolytes: sodium (158mg), potassium (44mg), magnesium (26mg) – not huge amounts but a well judged delivery to keep you on the right side of hydration and, arguably, make for cramp-free, post-exercise recovery. Sports ENER-G also provides 60mg of calcium – again not a huge amount, around 5% of your daily requirement, but a sensible fortification for runners looking to maintain healthy bones and those on the ‘at risk’ end of the osteoporosis spectrum.

There are no nasty surprises in the ingredients listed; a sensible blend of sucrose and maltodextrin provide the sugar carbs and the additional sweetness comes via the twin artificial sweeteners sucralose and acesulfame-K, neither of which have a bitter aftertaste. There is colourant – which remains unnamed on the ingredients list – that comes as a slight surprise the first time you blend the otherwise white powder with water; whilst not really necessary, semi-fluorescent colours seem standard for sports drinks and no-doubt has some additional placebo effect…

USN Sports ENER-G makes good sense to RunningMonkey both nutritionally and financially – mixing your own carb drink comes in at less than a third of buying pre-mixed sports drinks and if we can help fuel a run whilst saving money we’re always happy.

1kg tubs of USN Sports ENER-G retails at £19.99 – further information and online purchase at

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