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Published on January 28, 2015

CERQL ICE Stickers

The ICE – In Case of Emergency – stickers from CERQL are a twist, admittedly a slightly flawed one, on the traditional idea of listing contact details somewhere that emergency services might find them. Once upon not more than a couple of years ago it was a sensible idea to put ICE details into your phone (assuming you were taking it on the run); then phones got really smart and we all had to start locking them and therefore stopping anyone – however helpful they were trying to be – from accessing information. The ICE sticker was born and many now attach one or two to kit, packs or even the back of the phone, although the latter option does kind of mess with the tech aesthetics.

Taking this one step further the CERQL ICE Stickers include a unique QR (Quick Response) barcode that can be scanned to direct the emergency services, or anyone attending with a smartphone, to a bespoke page with a host of user information stored on it. Prices vary, but stickers start from 60p each with £1 postage and allow you to securely upload up to 5000 characters of text and 10 photos. As standard the information stays ‘live’ for 12 months after which a 99p per year subscription kicks in with a further 99p payable if you want to update any of the information held.

The downside, and this really does seem like an oversight, is that no emergency details appear on the stickers themselves not even a name and first choice emergency contact number. That means that without internet access or phone signal no phone, however ‘smart’, is going to be of any help.

This is still a step in the right direction and ICE stickers – from CERQL or elsewhere – are undeniably a good idea.

More information and online ordering for CERQL ICE Stickers at cerql.co.uk

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