Apparel Terra Nova Laser 10 Pack

Published on December 12, 2014

Terra Nova Laser 10 Pack

A good race pack can be one of the biggest factors in comfort on the longer training runs or ultra efforts; pick well and it will do it’s job unnoticed but effectively, pick poorly and you’ll witness every painful step of the way. With some long-distance training currently underway RunningMonkey strapped on the Terra Nova Laser 10 Pack to put it to the test…

The Terra Nova Laser –also available in both 20 and 25litre capacities – is a relatively stripped back affair that still manages to fit in a number of useful features. The main pack area is accessed via an off-centre full length zip and whilst unzipping all the way down can be useful when you’re really stuck on finding something, we personally prefer a little enforced stopping distance at the bottom (just because we don’t trust ourselves not to spill everything in a panic.)

Inside is a meshed rear pocket either for separating out the contents or, if you’re using one, keeping a water bladder out of the way and more securely against the back. The bladder – which, as with most packs, doesn’t ship with the Terra Nova Laser – secures at the top via a plastic clip. This is a perfectly secure option, but again in personal preference, Velcro loops tend to give more flexibility and are less fiddly to manage with cold fingers. There are feed holes for the hydration tube on both left and right shoulders – nice attention to detail.

The webbing too is well judged in terms of padding, enough there for comfort but not so much as to add bulk or unnecessary weight, and the sternum strap and waist belt proved easy to adjust and didn’t slip so much as a millimetre once secured. The sternum strap features an integrated whistle – always good to see as many ultra events insist on a whistle as mandatory carry – and the waist strap has a zipped compartment on each side. Whilst these aren’t massively generous, they’re ample for a couple of gels/bars each and are supplemented by two further open, webbed stash pouches at the rear and two small (gel-sized) pockets on the vertical webbing. In all there’s plenty of ‘to hand’ storage without needing to dive into the main pack every five minutes.

A bungee cord across the back of the Terra Nova helps to fine-tune everything and there’s a really substantial hanging loop at the top – this might seem like a trivial detail but so often packs ship with flimsy loops barely able to take the unpacked weight let alone a race-ready load. And on which note the Laser 10 weighs in at a nicely slim sub-300g.

Those little personal preferences aside (and the fact that the zips could do with cold-finger-friendly pull tabs) there’s much to love about the Terra Nova Laser 10. We’ve spent many miles together over the last few weeks and both comfort and matters of practicality like access have impressed. But perhaps the best news is that Terra Nova have resourced the fabric for the pack – no noticeable difference and still the same high standard but from January 1, 2015 the Laser 10 will effectively halve in price to a ridiculously good valued £35.

Terra Nova Laser 10 Pack is available in black or yellow with further details and online purchase at

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