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Published on November 19, 2014

MuleBar Salted Caramel Kicks

The latest energy gel on offer from MuleBar is the decidedly offbeat Salted Caramel Kicks. Whilst there are a host of pretty unusual gel flavours available elsewhere in the world – GU produce salted caramel and even root beer in the US – MuleBar continue to lead the charge with left-field offerings in the UK, and for that we should be thankful.

Anyone trying to chug down a succession of could-be-anything generic ‘fruit’ flavoured gels over a long run will know how difficult it is to sustain any kind of enthusiasm for the endeavour. The danger being that if the gels are literally hard to stomach there’s a tendency to skip taking them.

The MuleBar Salted Caramel Kicks certainly offers something different and whilst tackling an entire marathon, say, on this one flavour alone isn’t something we would recommend (anymore than any other single flavour) the fact that it tickles different taste buds brings welcome variety. The fact that the gels isn’t overly-sweet is a bonus and they do taste exactly like salted caramel. In fact when you factor in the viscosity – just about right for downing with no more than a slight swig of water – it took us back to our childhoods and memories of spooning out the cake mix bowl.

This latest iteration delivers pretty much identical nutrition to the others in the range – Apple Strudel, Lemon Zinger, et al – with the 37g easy-open pack containing 107Kcal with 1g protein and 25g of carbs of which 19g are sugars. Despite the name (and taste) there’s just 0.1g of salt, which arguably is going to help towards salt depletion from sweaty exercise anyway.

MuleBar Salted Caramel Kicks are available in boxes of 12 at £19, 24 at £38 and 48 at £68 (a 10% saving.) Further details and online purchase at

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