Recovery Nuflex Cooling Gel

Published on August 28, 2014

Nuflex Cooling Gel

RunningMonkey has tried and tested no end of gels, creams, lotions and potions for fixing those post-run aches and pains. The latest on test – good job we have so many aches and pains – is Nuflex Cooling Gel.

Intended for use immediately after (minor) injury the Nuflex Cooling Gel employs a combination of peppermint oils, which both stimulates the skin and acts as a natural, mild local aesthetic, and lemon oil good for stimulating blood flow (and therefore speeding recovery) and for general skin cleansing. The smell – part of the holistic experience of using such gels – is strong, but not overpowering and the sense of cooling, predominantly achieved through alcohol evaporation, is a gradual onset with quite disappointing results for longevity. There’s a general ‘tingle’ that lingers for quite some time after application but this certainly doesn’t go to the lengths that a traditional icepack might achieve; although in fairness the Nuflex Cooling Gel is a more portable, road-side solution than ice…

Repeat application – manufacturers rather vaguely suggest ‘several times a day’ – is certainly the way to go with a gel like this, but that does mean the 100ml tube won’t exactly last a race season. It feels more effective (certainly in terms of cooling) when gently applied rather than when more vigorous massage is used, a shame because a more robust application is more likely to help most minor muscle injuries.

The mild anti-inflammatory properties from the combined lemon and mint oils did help sooth a generally aching back post-ride and the fact that Nuflex Cooling Gel is non-greasy and rubs in completely is certainly a bonus. Not the most potent cooling gel we have tried perhaps but Nuflex is a definite contender and work well enough to earn a place in the kit bag.

Nuflex Cooling Gel retails at £11.95 and is available from, amongst other places

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