Shoes Inov-8 roclite 282 GTX 

Published on August 8, 2014

Inov-8 roclite 282 GTX 

If you’re looking for a deep-winter shoe that balances comfort with uncompromising weatherproofing and construction the Inov-8 roclite 282 GTX may well be your first – and only – stop. RunningMonkey laced up on the lookout for some mud and testing trail.

The roclite 282 GTX looks like a beast of a shoe, but first impressions are deceptive with the shoe coming in at under 580g for a UK8 (pair) – a little lighter than the new Race Ultra 290, but heavier, as you might expect, than the much more minimalist Trailroc 245. Design and construction is everything you might expect from trail specialists like inov-8 and the real selling point is the partnership with Gore to integrate the exceptionally waterproof GORE-TEX technology.

The GORE-TEX membrane laminate beneath the shoe’s mesh upper boasts some 1.4billion pores per square centimeter, each 20,000 times smaller than a drop of water (keeping the weather and puddles out), yet 700 times larger than a water vapour molecule so sweat evaporates quickly and effectively. In practice this felt about as waterproofed as trail shoes gets, akin to donning the likes of the SealSkinz socklets, but with the obvious advantage that water doesn’t even get as far as the shoe’s inside. Add to this the fully gusseted tongue – and perhaps some optional extras with the inov-8 DebrisGaiter – and the trail is certain to stay well and truly on the outside.

The roclite 282 GTX offers a snug but comfortable fit with good padded support around the cuffs and through the tongue. The high and relatively wide lacing sits comfortably on the longer runs and the toe is protected both with a symmetrically positioned toe guard and the extended lip of the outsole.

So, to the outsole itself: substantial and fairly deep lugs offer grip for both drive and camber, side-to-side, control. The roclite 282 GTX also utilises the FASCIA BAND tech (also found on the F-LITE and X-TALON shoes) which is intended to add further energy to the stride by mimicking the so-called Windlass Effect – see video below for further explanation. Hard to be anything other than subjective, but there does feel to be a decent spring through the roll-through and toe-off.

Whilst we started by saying how good the roclite 282 GTX for deep winter, they are in fact excellent year-round options (just with added benefits when it comes to wet and treacherous conditions.)

Inov-8 roclite 282 GTX retails at £110 – further details at

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