Recovery Natural Hero Hot Ginger Muscle Soak

Published on July 18, 2014

Natural Hero Hot Ginger Muscle Soak

Natural Hero is one of those small but perfectly formed companies that deliver core, high-quality products. Having launched with their Hot Ginger Muscle Rub and Cool Peppermint Muscle Spritz (both excellent) they have recently added Hot Ginger Muscle Soak to their offering and. RunningMonkey was more than happy to take a break from training to take a long, hot bath to put it to the test…

Whilst both the Hot Ginger Muscle Rub and Cool Peppermint Muscle Spritz boast 98% and 99% natural ingredients respectively the Natural Hero Hot Ginger Muscle Soak goes the full distance with 100% credentials; this also means there are no parabens or added sodium laureth sulphate (both cosmetic and toiletry staples) to worry about. What it does contain is a blend of premium grade ginger root, rosemary, and sweet fennel essential oils that soak tired muscles and allow for some gentle self-massage into the bargain – the ginger also adds a glowing warmth to proceedings.

The Hot Ginger Muscle Soak also includes a dash of sweet almond and starflower essential oils, both of which nourish and condition the skin – an excellent addition after time spent in out on the trails and roads.

Okay RunningMonkey isn’t necessarily suggesting you light some candles and put on a little Katie Melua, but a recuperative soak after a tough race or training session makes good sense as part of the recovery process and Natural Hero’s Hot Ginger Muscle Soak ticks plenty of boxes. Prehaps we’re just going a bit soft in our old age.

Hot Ginger Muscle Soak costs £9.99 (free UK delivery) for six 18ml bottles, each good for one soaking. Further details and online purchase at

Read the RunningMonkey review of the Hot Ginger Muscle Rub here and for the Cool Peppermint Muscle Spritz here.

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