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Published on July 1, 2014

Crewroom Women’s Laser Trail Shorts and Top

Crewroom are making steady inroads with their well-judged combination of technical performance and unusual design. Founded on principles of functionality, a working relationship with the London College of Fashion has lifted the brand and should give it some deserved shelf-space – both the retailers and yours…

In many ways the new Crewroom Women’s Laser Trail Shorts are the spiritual successor to the Refreshers, which we highlighted in our Top Trail Shorts feature (read it here). The Laser Trails have a wonderfully soft and comfortable inner lining created using the Vapor-X tech, which, in turn, is made from bamboo charcoal for excellent breathability and wicking whilst also adding an anti-microbial property to keep odour-causing bacteria from forming. Unlike the Refreshers – where the long side-splits were meshed – the Lasers we had on test feature a rather vividly patterned and coloured material; this certainly brings some distinction to the shorts (and wider range), but also raises the marmite factor, as it’s unlikely to be to everyone’s taste. For the record, we rather like it… Less bold runners might opt for the plain blue or pink side options.

The continuous drawstring is a nice touch that prevents ends from disappearing – never to be retrieved again – into the waste-band but there is a lack of real storage; the rear zipped pocked just about big enough for a gel and the inner pocket merely useful for a key (it has a little key loop for security – good attention to detail.) As the Lasers are not excessively long – as would usually befit a trail-specific short – they could work equally well as road/race options and reflectivity has been improved over the Refreshers.

The accompanying short sleeve Laser Top – actually, of course it doesn’t have to be accompanying unless you want to look a little too coordinated – again utilises the Vapor-X bamboo-based material for the same great wicking, breathability and anti-stink quality and here you are likely to notice the good thermo-regulating properties for material too. Despite looking relatively thin the Laser Top did a good job of keeping out the chill of some recent night runs and although it may not be a depth-of-winter option there’s plenty of shoulder-season possibility here. The seams are flat and comfortable, which is especially good news as the side-mesh panel construction has tripled the number you might usually expect in a tech-T.

Overall both shorts and top have gone a good way towards impressing us – Crewroom’s commitment to sustainability has to be applauded (bamboo is fantastically environmental and they use a degree of recycled polyester too), whilst they also seem to be striking the right balance between style and substance.

Women’s Laser Trail Shorts are available in sizes XS-XL (roughly UK size 6-18) in three colour options for £29.00; the Women’s Laser Short Sleeve Top – XS-XL with two colour options – is £34.00.

Further details and online purchase at

Read our interview with Crewroom founder Kate Giles here.

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