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Published on July 29, 2014

Beet it Bar

Beetroot, abundantly rich in dietary nitrates, has long been recognised as carrying strong evidence for reducing blood pressure. This in turn, some argue (although the study groups are small), can also improve endurance exercise by improving oxygen uptake. The downside being that beetroot isn’t exactly to everyone’s taste, something that the Beet It Bar aims to address.

Perhaps it was just that our expectations on the flavour-front were so low that the first few mouthfuls of the Beet It Bar tasted reasonably good. It was rather downhill from there… There’s probably good reason why no one has thought to combine the earthy taste of beetroot with the pulpy chew of oats before and personally RunningMonkey found it more than a little hard to swallow with the strange tang becoming increasingly unpalatable with each mouthful. Taste, of course, is a matter of, well, taste – so no doubt some will find a Beet It Bar to their liking.

The bars were developed as the manufacturers felt that some consumers found their Beet It Sports Shots – little 70ml bottles of beetroot extract with a dash of lemon juice to help take the edge off – ‘an acquired taste not to everyone’s liking.’ In actual fact we find the reverse to be true; perhaps because the Sports Shots have the feel of a ‘supplement’ about them (no high expectation on flavour, but it must be doing you some good, right?) whilst we rather expect what is fundamentally a flapjack should taste good.

The Beet it Bar contain the same amount of dietary nitrate at the Beet It Sports Shots – 0.4g – derived from 27% beetroot extract. The oat flakes element (a sensible slow-release source of energy) accounts for 50% of the 60g bars, but then there’s the further downside of sugar, sunflower oil, rice syrup, soy lecithin emulsifiers and salt. If we are looking to improve health and performance – and we always are – we’d rather do it via pure beetroot or one of the many other excellent sources of dietary nitrate, green leafy vegetables such as spinach and lettuce.

Perhaps all is not lost for the Beet It Bar – if you like the taste then they are a convenient was to increase nitrates and fuel-up with around 35g of carbs and 5g of protein per at 235kcal bar.

Beet It Bars – or to give them their full and proper name Beet It Sport Pro-Elite Bars – are available individually from, amongst other places, or in boxes of 15 for £29.00 from

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