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Published on June 11, 2014

Stride Out Foot Oil

Good shoes and good socks are, of course, the starting point for a comfortable run; but all too often adequate preparation and care of the foot itself is neglected by even the most experienced of runners. Stride Out Foot Oil has been developed with a mix of essential oils to help condition the feet and, over time, make them more impervious to blisters.

Stride Out was created by an SAS soldier – who in the true spirit of such things remains nameless in the publicity material – experienced in trudging through some of the most arduous terrains in the world. Experimenting with different combinations of natural oils over the years the formula was finally perfected and Stride Out launched (pretty quietly) in 2012 initially through Cotswold Outdoor.

Stride Out combines, amongst other things, olive oil, cinnamomum bark oil and linalool – a naturally occurring alcohol found in more than 200 species of plant, which, although not noted on the product, can irritate eczema in those susceptible to the condition. Note of caution aside – and the fact that there is limited medical efficacy to the product – RunningMonkey found that over a period of a month there was a perceptible reduction in general wear and tear to the feet, particularly under the ball of the foot where forefoot strikers may usually find greater impact damage. Difficult, if not impossible outside of a controlled trial, to swear by the benefits, but anecdotally it’s a product that impressed.

To use it most effectively around 5ml needs to be massaged across and into both feet immediately before putting on your socks. The relatively thin oil rubbed in easily and there’s virtually no scent to it (you wouldn’t expect a Special Forces Operative to have lavender-scented boots), but it did leave very slight staining on light-coloured socks; then again, what runner cares about – probably even owns – pristine white socks.

The makers are quick to point out that Stride Out isn’t cheap, although at £9.45 for a 100ml it won’t break the bank if you find it works for you – especially if it replaces a bagful of blister plasters, zinc tape, antiseptic cream and other assorted cures for your feet. Those you favour barefoot shoes without socks, or true bare-footers who run sans shoes of any kind, would certainly do well to give Stride Out a go; just don’t walk around your nice clean carpet in it before you hit the road..

Further details of Stride Out Foot Oil at strideout-footoil.com and online purchase at cotswoldoutdoor.com

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