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Published on June 19, 2014

Run Like Crazy

How many of us dream of packing it all in and just taking off? And for the runners out there that would probably include a lot of bucket-list races too… Well Australian Tristan Miller didn’t just dream it he did it. Run Like Crazy tells his story.

With a marriage at an end and the loss of his job Miller found solace in running, decided to up his game, sold everything he owned – including his house – and devised a plan and itinerary to run 52 international marathons in 52 weeks; a logistical as much as physical challenge it would transpire. Initially in the company of best friend Daz (everyone has a nickname – Miller’s is T-Bone – get used to it), the epic journey began, ultimately seeing him travel some 320,000km, run 2,300km of races and hammer his way through seven pairs of shoes. He also had fun. Lots of fun…

You might think that describing 52 marathons – in some cases ultra-marathons – in the course of a book would be as repetitive as the turnover of feet on a run, but it’s far from the case. Firstly Miller’s style is a perfect mix of exuberance and passion, regard and admiration for his heroes – he manages time with both Dean Karnazes and Haile Gebrselassie amongst others – and analysis of his own, sometimes sub-optimal, performance. Secondly the world, to state the obvious, is a big place and running it presents great diversity. Thirdly, crucially, if there’s not much to say about a particular race, Miller doesn’t say it.

There’s plenty of wit and wisdom in Run Like Crazy too but Miller is modest in the extreme and this lack of ego is deeply refreshing. His achievements are legion, but he knows how blessed he is to have the opportunity to ‘live the dream’ and his deepest set ambition is clearly to pass on the passion, not just for running but for living.  ‘Maybe I shouldn’t have eaten rich local food, or gone dancing…’ he writes in defence of not purely being out to run his best times, but he did and he loved (almost) every bull-running, tequila-slamming, festival-attending insane moment of it.

‘Sometimes you have to do the fun stuff too.’ – Well said.

For those or us – that’s most of us – who will never jettison the detritus of our lives and just ‘go do it’, Run Like Crazy is the perfect vicarious adventure.

Run Like Crazy is only available in the UK as Kindle edition – available from

Find out more about Tristan Miller at and on facebook. You can follow him on Twitter here.


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