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Published on May 1, 2014

Oakley Radarlock Pitch

To RunningMonkey there often seems something aggressively angular about Oakley sunglasses – whilst the bulkier Jawbone or Racing Jacket may look good on the hunched over form of a pro cyclist or fully-kitted Sunday cyclist we’ve never found anything run-appropriate. Until now…

The Oakley Radarlock Pitch manage to perfectly combine both aesthetic desirability and outstanding performance (the latter no great surprise from Oakley) and, whilst perfectly at home on a cyclist’s face, their stripped back design and lightweight construction – a mere 30g – make them ideal for runs of any length.

Using their bespoke ‘Switchlock Technology’, which makes swapping lenses effortless and ridiculously quick, the Radarlock Pitch – unlike both the Jawbones and Racing Jackets – are frameless below the lens, making them both lighter and less intimidating-looking. The lack of weight also improves comfort; there are no pressure points around the ears as, instead of hooking the ear, they simply rest above them gripping the sides of the head with sleeves made from ‘Unobtainium’ – we hate to be reductive, but suspect ‘Unobtainium’ is rubber of some stripe or other.

On test – both for road and trail running – the Radarlock Pitch fitted perfectly, stayed absolutely put and remained comfortable for extended periods. There are plenty of options for fine-tuning the fit too including changeable nose pads, a nicety you won’t find in £10 bargain sunnies.

When it comes to lenses Oakley are, probably quite rightly, considered second-to-none. The Radarlock Pitch ship with two standard lenses, in the case of the ones RunningMonkey were testing: Jade Iridium and the VR28. The former used for medium to bright light with a neutral lens tint for truer colour perception and an Iridium coating to reduce glare and the latter for less harsh conditions and when greater contrast is required. Even running in tough desert conditions the Jade Iridium option proved outstanding and the double venting to the top, outer edge (also featured on the VR28s) prevented all fogging. Despite the generous wrap of the single piece lens there wasn’t even a hint of distortion, even at the very periphery of vision and it goes without saying that they filter out 100% of UVA, UVB, and UVC rays…

The Oakley Radarlock Pitch will set you back a hefty £195 but are, by far, one of the best pairs on sunglasses we have come across.

Further details of the Oakley Radarlock Pitch at uk.oakley.com

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