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Published on May 14, 2014

AudioFlood iPod Shuffle

Running whilst listening to music remains a controversial issue. For some it’s absolute taboo and many races outright ban MP3s for safety reasons, whilst for others running to the beat is an important part of their training routine. If you fall into the latter camp and can’t live without music on the move there are times when the weather dictates that the iPod stays behind, which is where the AudioFlood iPod Shuffle comes in…

To look at an AudioFlood iPod shuffle would give you no clue to its secret, there’s no additional housing, no external indication of modification, no visible sign of tampering. What AudioFlood does instead is treat each standard iPod Shuffle (with a mixture of chemicals and magic as far as we can tell) to make it inherently, completely waterproof. This would be no good at all without specially modified headphones, but fortunately AudioFlood make them too…

It takes something of a leap of faith to head out into heavy rain even with a relatively inexpensive MP3, but with everything in place (including a little Velcro strap for excess headphone cord) RunningMonkey braved the elements. The AudioFlood headphones ship with a range of ear-bud sizes that then need to be glued with the supplied adhesive permanently to the ‘phones. The medium size suited perfectly and made for a tight, but comfortable fit in the ear.

The iPod Shuffle is, of course, ideally suited to the kind of stripped back requirements needed for running: an on/off slider, track-skip buttons (forward/back) and volume. The sound quality was surprisingly good, the headphones sound slightly tinny and ‘thin’ but then running is never the optimum environment for music.

If you want to use the AudioFlood in less torrential conditions, when waterproofing is less of a consideration, RunningMonkey would suggest ditching the supplied headphones and opting for either the rugged Yurbuds Inspire Pros (review here) or the AfterShokz Sportz 2 (review here), both of which add a dash of safety to the proceedings.

Ultimately the AudioFlood iPod Shuffle works exactly as advertised and definitely provides the opportunity for listening to music in some unusual weather conditions and if you’re of the triathlon persuasion (or just like a good soak in the bath) they can even be used fully submerged in water.

The AudioFlood iPod Shuffle is a US import available online so expect to pay around £10-£15 import duty in addition to the RRP of $125 (circa £75). Compatible waterproofed headphones are $40 (£24) and a bundle of both headphones and AudioFlood iPod Shuffle $140 (£84).

Full details and online purchase of the AudioFlood iPod Shuffle at audioflood.com

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