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Published on April 23, 2014

Mulebar Kick Gels

There are three main elements that make an energy gel worth considering or rejecting: taste, consistency, energy delivered. And whilst Mulebar Kick Gels score highly on all three, as we’ll come on to, they also add a fourth consideration – ease of opening. The angled rip top on MuleBar Kick Gels is so brilliantly simple that it’s a wonder it hasn’t become industry standard (a smart patent perhaps?) and because the tab generally stays attached there’s no litter to contend with. Okay, that small but delightful nicety aside, how to the stack up in other regards?

Mulebar Kick Gels are registered organic, have no synthetic ingredients, artificial preservatives, colourings or flavourings and are suitable for vegans and vegetarians and they pack a punch for energy too. Values differ very slightly between flavours – Apple Strudlel, Lemon Zinger, Café Cortado and Cherry Bomb – but are generally around 110kcal with 27g of carbs (25g of which from sugars) from a 37g sachet. Carbohydrate sources again vary in their specifics between varieties but are a mix of fast and slower release sugars from fruit sources and high GI brown rice syrup (which can also be easier on the stomach than fruit derived sugars.)

The Apple Strudel flavour is good, if a little sweet, whilst the truly excellent Lemon Zinger and Cherry Bomb both delivering a welcome tang and the Café Cortado, as the name suggests, adds 100mg caffeine (around the level you might expect from an 80ml espresso.) The Café Cortado also includes natural guarana extractwhich, combined with the caffeine, delivers a noticeable kick on the run and all four varieties include 100mg of sodium derived from Himalayan crystal salts which goes some way – certainly not all the way – to countering salts lost through sweat.

Finally consistency: Mulebar Kick Gels pretty much sit mid-range from what’s on offer on the market; thicker than something like a High5 IsoGel, thinner than Accel Gel or GU – perfectly palatable without water which is really the main consideration.

Ultimately MuleBar Kick Gels have a great deal to recommend about them. Boxes of 12 are £19, boxes of 24 gels £38 – further details and online purchase at

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