Apparel CompresSport Pro Racing Trail Socks V2

Published on January 3, 2014

CompresSport Pro Racing Trail Socks V2

RunningMonkey has long admired CompresSport having come to them first via their compression wear before discovering their unique 3D.DOT racing socks. Having recently improved and expanded the range to include high- and low-cut and trail options we took to the mud to put the latter to the test…

For those unfamiliar with the original V1 iteration of the CompresSport sock, they combined well-crafted, anatomical, left/right, design with a series of padded cells that targeted specific areas for protection without the need to add weight throughout the full sock. The V2 takes this further with improved malleolus (the bony prominence at the side of the ankle) protection on the trail version and improved padding through the toe that definitely increases confidence on treacherous downhills and works hard to reduce the dreaded ‘black toenail’. Also with an eye to reducing possible niggles (rubbing or blisters) is the seamless finish, whilst improved ventilation around the ankle, the top of the foot and the toes reduces heat and sweat and helps keep the overall weight low at around 32g for a UK size 8 pair.

Remaining central to the V2’s success is the impressively functional compression support through the plantar arch, the area below the foot between the first and fifth metatarsal. The gentle squeeze – noticeable even when walking in the socks – improves the foot’s posture and performance between strike and toe-off, which in turn can reduce longer-term fatigue, whilst also increasing blood flow. The V2 is a sock that you can feel working hard for you.

The CompresSport Pro Racing Trail Socks V2 perfectly lived up to our expectations, comfort and performance are outstanding and the only complaint RunningMonkey has with them is the annoying habit of the ankle cuff rolling down. The makers claim the seamless cuff, which lacks elastic, is designed that way to prevent a ‘tourniquet effect’ at the calf, but personally we would rather have the squeeze and lose the bagging.

Minor grumble aside the V2s are an excellent choice, particularly for trail runners or those prone to either blisters, heel bruising or plantar fasciitis. A good range of sizes go all the way down to a men’s UK 3.5 or women’s UK 2.5 and the colour options, including a decent high-viz green, are a bonus; we have, though, found the bulk of the sock less compatible with minimalist and barefoot trail shoes.

CompresSport Pro Racing Trail Socks V2 retail at £15; further details and online purchase at

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