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Published on December 5, 2013

Nordic Oil Omega 3

The benefits of Omega 3 oils are already well documented – it appears useful at almost every stage of life, but it isn’t something that the body produces naturally; instead we find it in our diet – but regrettably with a ‘modern diet’ it’s often in too small a quantity or of too poor a quality to work effectively. Nordic Oil is a premium quality Omega 3 oil supplement sourced in deep waters from cold-water anchovies, herring and sardines – reportedly some of the best sources available. Oddly the fish themselves do not produce Omega 3, but rather derive it from their diet (krill for example), but if you use fish that have, in turn, sourced their best possible food the results are a superior Omega 3 product… Got it?

Whilst benefits appear far-reaching, to be reductive EPA – or eicosapentaenoic acid to give it its tongue-twisting name –reduces stress, not the mental sort of course, but the systemic inflammations that stress our bodies through everything from illness to mere daily existence. These systemic inflammations are increased with exercise – particularly endurance sports, which is why the likes of ‘Marvellous’ Mimi Anderson use it. And arguably why you should too.

Nordic Oil produce a range of products which includes the straight-from-the-bottle High Grade Omega 3, which is cold-pressed and triple-filtered to improve purity and quality and has the taste-edge somewhat neutralised with natural lemon flavour. If capsules are more to your liking the Nordic Oil 1000mg capsules go down easily and didn’t produce any nasty ‘fish burbs’ RunningMonkey has experienced with other products. The oil delivers between 740 and 825mg of EPA and 480 and 550mg DHA per daily serving, whilst the capsules give between 290 and 400mg EPA and 180 and 250mg DHA – the former is certainly more on the money as far as current research understands daily recommendations for supplements. Capsules with vitamin D3 are also available and worth considering in the long, dark winter months.

Omega 3 has come in for some knocks this year – large sections of the media have had a frenzy with ‘links’ between supplementing and an increased risk of prostate cancer. It’s almost all pure ‘bad science’, media misrepresentation and a lack of understanding of results (by the press). But it would be remiss of RunningMonkey not to mention it so you can make your own mind up – those of a scientific disposition can take a look at the abstract from the Journal of the National Cancer Institute that inadvertently kick-started it all here. The rest of us can probably get on with supplementing Omega 3s…

Nordic Oil High Grade Omega 3 500ml bottles retail at £26.99 (£15.99 for 250ml) and 60x1000mg Omega 3 Capsules – a month’s worth – RRP £9.99. Further detail and online purchase at

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