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Published on October 1, 2013

QM2 Hot Embrocation

QM Sports Care QM2 Hot Embrocation has been RunningMonkey’s default muscle rub for the last couple of years – the name might be quite a mouthful, but we’ve always found it hits the spot when it comes to aching legs and exhausted muscles.

QM2 hails from Belgium, which being the spiritual home of both chocolate and beer already gives it much to recommend. Manufacturers claim a ‘100% natural vegan cream base’ with the heat coming courtesy of capsicum (the family of plants that includes chili) – a sound choice as it carries a degree of proven medical benefit in pain relief. This is complimented by menthol, peppermint and black pepper for a warming, if slightly pungent result.

Also available is QM1, graded as ‘warm’, and the more industrial strength QM3, graded ‘extra hot’ (and it undeniably is…) All three rub in quickly and easily and work well pre-run to warm up and post-exercise for recovery. Investing in the full range might allow for better targeting and perhaps QM1 might be used to warm up, QM3 used to tackle more troubling aches and pulls, and QM2 for general day-to-day; but frankly that would be overly organised (and expensive), so we’d recommend the solid catch-all QM2.

Okay, here’s the downside: QM2 Hot Embrocation is not an easy product to track down in the UK (the rest of Europe, the US and Australia seem well served though), but we think it’s so good it’s worth the effort – try regular searches of both Amazon and eBay.

200ml tubs of QM2 Hot Embrocation retail circa £10.00

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