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Published on October 11, 2013

Omni Massage Roller

The original Omni Massage Roller has been around for a good decade-and-a-half and almost since day one it has held a place in out kit bag. Looking not unlike a giant marble in a supporting cuff the Omni Massage Roller delivers an excellent combination of smooth motion and potential for deeper massage thanks, in part, it its fairly hefty bulk.

Simply rolling it gently across aching muscles post-run feels good, but with a little added pressure applied – easy enough as the ergonomic design and grip is excellent – the Omni Massage Roller can get to work on more specific muscle fibres to release tension and speed recovery. It falls down slightly when it comes to trigger pointing muscles as the contact area is relatively large, better we have always felt to use a more knuckle-designed massage tool (or frankly just a well-applied knuckle…)

Because the massager is gripped in the palm of the hand there is little stress on either the hand, wrist or even elbow – something that can be an issue when applying adequate pressure with other ‘handled’ massage tools. There’s also the option to add oils into the opening at the bottom of the Omni Massage Roller, but RunningMonkey has always found it a messy affair; preferring to oil the skin directly and then add pressure from the roller separately.

The Omni Massage Roller has really stood the test of time, imitated but never bettered and because there are no internal parts there’s nothing to wear down/out so the sold construction should give you years of service. Expect to pay around the £12 mark, although frequent online offers can be had for as little as £8.00.

Further details of the full Omni range at

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