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Published on October 9, 2013

MuleBar Energy Bars

Perhaps better known in the world of cycling than running, we believe that with their excellent organic and Fairtrade stamps MuleBar Energy Bars deserve a higher profile on trail and road. These substantial, but not overly bulky, bars certainly deliver on the nutrition front. Values vary between varieties but to take the Hunza Nut flavour as a fairly typical representation you can expect 197kcal with 38g of carbs (22g from sugars) and 3g of protein; fat it suitably low at 3g with just 0.4g being saturates.

Of course all that would count for nothing if MuleBar Energy Bars didn’t taste good, but RunningMonkey is glad to report they do – in fact we’d go so far as to say delicious, not a word we would normally associate with a nutrition product.

MuleBar offers a choice of seven pretty unusual flavours; from the previously mentioned Hunza Nut to the tangy delight of Liquorice Allsports (which tasted of school days, discuss…), plus Pinacolada, Summer Pudding, Apple Strudel, Mango Tango and Jimmy’s Choc Orange. There wasn’t a bad apple (strudel) amongst them and in addition to tasting good their natural juiciness didn’t leave us feeling like we needed to reach for the Camelbak after every bite. That alone leaves them in strong contention for inclusion in our next race drop bag.

Some flavours come in decompostable wrappers (with a commitment to extending this to the full range eventually) and the company is also signed up to the ‘1% For the Planet’ scheme, with 1% of sales going to a network of more than 3000 global environmental organisations.

We like MuleBar Energy Bars. We think you will too…

MuleBar Energy Bars – boxes of 12 at £19.00 and boxes of 24 at £38.00, available at

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