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Published on October 17, 2013


Staying visible – and therefore safe – on the run should be at the forefront of every runner’s mind. Reflectives, snap-bands, flashing hats (maybe just at Christmas); RunningMonkey can’t emphasise enough the importance of being clearly seen when hitting the roads in the dark or in low-visibility conditions. The LightSpur from Nathan adds illumination a little lower than most conventional solutions, clipping to the back of the shoe and either glowing solid or flashing a strobe to alert others to your presence.

The LightSpur attaches by tension (stretch it open, slip it on) and holds its position with a total of 18 tiny plastic spikes. It fits most running shoes easily enough; we’d expected problems fitting to oversized Hoka One Ones, but not so – in fact the only shoes we found it incompatible with were barefoot minimalist ones (we tested it on three makes – New Balance, Inov-8 and Vibram), perhaps unsurprisingly these just don’t have the structural integrity to support the LightSpur.

Perfectly comfortable to wear on the run – we didn’t even notice it was there once fitted – but we would recommend against trail use as twice we snagged and (temporarily) lost it thanks to woodland detritus, and its ability to survive a proper trail water dunking is also doubtful. Additionally the spikes may also prove problematic over extended use; depending on the shoe and construction material there’s definite potential for them to add unwanted wear and tear.

Those warnings aside, the LightSpur is a good addition (not replacement for) general running reflectives. It produces a crisp, clear light and promises over 100 hours of illumination making it a good option for additional safety on winter road runs.

The LightSpur retails at £19.99 available from, amongst other places, wiggle.co.uk – details of all Nathan LED and reflective products at  nathansports.com

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