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Published on September 26, 2013

Zombies, Run! App

If you’re looking for extra motivation on your run, we can think of no finer than the though of being chased by hordes of slobbering zombies. The Zombies, Run! app from developers Six to Start serves that up in spades and adds an impressive amount of interactivity and online run-sharing into the bargain.

How does it work? Install the app (iPhone, Android, Windows) set up a few basics, plug in some headphones – observing the usual safety precautions for running with ‘phones in – and hit the roads or trails. Zombies, Run! then takes you through various voice-prompted missions (currently more than 60, with frequent updates) as you take on the role ‘Runner 5’. The ‘acting’, although slightly cheesy at times, is surprisingly effective and on occasions – particularly during zombie attacks that encourage prints as the undead breath in your ear – the sense of dread is quite genuine.

All very silly of course, but with the ability to pick up (sometime accidently drop) supply items along the way, then log onto your basecamp once home to log progress it’s a fun diversion if your trying to crank out otherwise dull training miles. ‘Zombielink’ allows you to sync and log runs, just as more conventional running apps do, with the usual social media shares. There are plenty of nice touches with Zombies, Run! and, having tried it on a woodland dusk trail, RunningMonkey can attest to the fact that the walking dead can encourage the occasional burst of speed.

The Zombies, Run! app is £2.49 with details and links to the appropriate devices’ app stores at

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